How to choose a digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine for proofing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-09
How to choose a T-shirt printing machine? There are two situations. First, if you have a large T-shirt printing machine, if you want to buy a small one just for proofing, you should choose a machine with the same nozzle as your own printing machine. Second, if it's just a simple proofing There are two models that are more suitable, one is 6015 and the other is 1225. If you have a large digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine for mass production, but just buy a smaller one for proofing, then the nozzle model, nozzle digital, and software supporting the machine must be compatible with the machine. The mass-produced models are the same. Only in this way can the effect be consistent with the sample sent by the prototype. If the nozzle model or the number of nozzles is different, or the software is different, the effect of mass production and proofing may be different. . If you just buy a machine for proofing, there are two more suitable ones, one is a 6015 digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, and the other is a 1225 digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. What is the difference between these two models? ? The print width of 6015 is 60cm, and the print length is 150cm. Such a print format is sufficient for partial printing of ready-made garments and pieces, but for pieces with full body printing, a 60cm wide machine is still a bit smaller. The format of the 1225 T-shirt printing machine is 1.2*2.5 meters. This format is sufficient even if the whole body is printed. Moreover, the 6015 and 1225 models have excellent printing effects, so the general proofing is based on this Most of the two digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines.
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