How to choose a digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
There are many digital printing machine manufacturers, and there are too many models, so how to choose a digital printing machine? This needs to be compared from the four aspects of budget, speed, effect, and quality. 1. The budget budget usually determines what price you can buy digital printing machines, but the budget must not be the decisive factor in the purchase of digital printing machines. As the saying goes, cheap but not good products, this also applies to the digital printing equipment industry, of course , Don’t be taken advantage of, buy a machine with efficiency and functions that far exceed your needs, compare several, with the same model, go to the top and bottom, the middle ones are what you want. 2. The speed is not as fast as possible, so efficiency cannot be a decisive factor in the purchase of digital printing machines. Generally speaking, in the industry of digital printing machines, higher speed means more nozzles superimposed. Similarly, this also means a higher failure rate, so you must choose the mainstream configuration, which generally means mature and reliable. 3. The effect determines whether the order can be received, but the effect cannot be a decisive factor in the purchase of a digital printing machine. Firstly, it depends on the printing effect, whether it is closer to the original image, and whether it can meet the customer's requirements. This is to consider the printing effect. Among the most important, the second depends on the washing effect. This is also important. Products with substandard washing fastness will also not receive orders. 4. The quality of quality determines whether future operating costs and production capacity are stable. It also determines whether you can make money from this machine, which is a more important factor in the purchase of digital printing machines.
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