How to choose a T-shirt digital printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-14
T-shirt printing machines have become the new favorite of printing equipment. So how can you choose a printing machine that suits your needs? One: Starting from the fabric, we must first find out the fabric of the clothes. Polyester fibers such as polyester are suitable for thermal transfer. Thermal transfer is to print the pattern on a special transfer paper first, and then use a roller machine or heat transfer machine to sublimate the pattern onto the fabric. The printing effect is very good, but it has a gluey feel. Note: Thermal transfer can only Print polyester or fabrics with high polyester content. Pure cotton or high cotton content fabrics cannot be printed by thermal transfer. Cotton, polyester-cotton, rayon, linen, silk and other cotton-containing fabrics are suitable for digital direct-injection machines, direct-injection machines, as the name suggests, are direct ink-jet printing machines. There is no way to know when this scientific name came from, I think It should have a certain relationship with thermal transfer, transfer-direct injection, you can see the difference between the two printing methods at a glance, so it seems that it should be from the mouth of the old driver who did thermal transfer earlier Bar 2: Start with production capacity and printing media for personal use or if the output is small, it is recommended to use small machines, such as A3 T-shirt printers, 6090 T-shirt printers, and small digital direct inkjet printers are relatively slow and have a relatively small printing area. , But the price will be much cheaper. Lower prices also mean less investment risk. For factories, it is recommended to use large machines. For fast and efficient printing of garments or pieces, you can choose 1225 digital direct-injection printers or 1613 digital direct printing machine, both of which can be lengthened indefinitely, with dual nozzles as standard, 4 nozzles can be customized, white and color can be output at the same time, or manual silk screen printing and white background combined with digital printing to greatly reduce printing costs. The cost of the machine is relatively cheap. You can also choose an oval digital printing machine. This machine can print all kinds of fabrics such as cotton and polyester. The computer automatic screen printing and white pulp combined with digital printing, the printing cost is very low, the speed is very fast, and it can print 200 per hour. More than one piece, a real little monster, but the price is much higher than the 1225 and 1613. If you want to print cloth, it is recommended to choose a digital printing machine with a conductive belt. This machine can print cloth, cut pieces, and ready-made garments. The standard width is 60cm, 160cm, and 180cm. Other widths can be customized, and a variety of nozzle configurations are optional. The printing speed is 35~120 square meters/hour, and it can be directly sprayed on all fabrics such as cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, silk, linen, rayon, nylon, nylon, etc. 3: start with the effect. If the proofing effect is not guaranteed, send the machine for nothing It’s useless, but don’t underestimate the proofing effect, the proofing is also tricky. Under normal circumstances, the proofing effect of a small machine is slightly better than that of a large machine. If you want to buy a small machine, it doesn’t matter. Small machines basically do. It can produce better results, but if you want to find a big machine, you have to be careful. There are still many unscrupulous merchants. Knowing that your customers want big machines, you can’t use them without them. Proofing with a small machine pretends to be a large machine for proofing to customers. T-shirt printing machine parameters Epson fifth-generation head/tenth-generation head nozzle life Epson: 1~2 years printing accuracy 720*720DPI printing area 0.6 meters wide, 0.9 meters long, printing speed 6~8 square meters/hour (light color) 3~4 Printing cost per square meter/hour (dark color) 3 yuan/square meter Color fastness level 4, washing and sun exposure for a long time does not change color can be printed material cotton, hemp, silk, silk, modal, Odell, cotton, animal fur fiber , Leather and other natural fiber ink Yanyan 6090 T-shirt printing machine imported textile ink, safe and environmentally friendly power supply Epson print head: AC 110~220V power 350W data interface USB, LAN (RJ45 network cable interface) operating system XP, WIN7, MAC OS printing Thickness 12cm Weight 500Kg Machine size L 1400*W 1470*H 1070mm
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