How to choose a treadmill digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-19
The most tangled part of the digital printing machine is that customers always think that the wider the width of the machine, the larger the pattern that can be printed, and the larger the scope of such orders. This is correct, but you must consider the operation. There are three common widths of treadmill digital printing machines, which are 1.2 meters, 1.6 meters, and 1.8 meters. The 1.2-meter-wide machine is the most comfortable when scraping. People can scrape to the middle part without bending over. , 1.6 meters can print a slightly larger pattern, when encountering a slightly larger pattern, you have to bend down when squeezing. The operating comfort is a bit worse than that of 1.2 meters, but the cost performance is higher than that of 1.2 meters. The 1.8-meter-wide machine cannot reach the center at all when scraping, which is not practical. 2. Length This is also one of the more entangled problems when we choose a treadmill digital printing machine. The length of the machine is not as long as possible, but it is not as short as possible. Generally, the length is between 6 and 12 meters. In fact, a length of 6 meters is sufficient. A machine with a length of 9 meters or 12 meters or even longer has the same effect as a machine with a length of 6 meters, but it should not be too short. The length of less than 6 meters will affect the digital printing machine of the treadmill. efficient. 3. The most economical and practical choice of nozzles is 2 5113 nozzles, or 2 4720 nozzles, or 4 Epson 10th generation nozzles, high efficiency, more than 100 pieces per hour, the price is not expensive, the 5th generation nozzles should not be considered, efficiency Low, expensive, bad one feels bad.
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