How to choose A3UV printer

by:angelacrox     2021-09-09
There are many models of A3UV printers. Non-fifth-generation printers have poor effect, high failure rate, low precision, slow speed, and no purchase value, so I won't talk about it here. Now I will focus on how to choose the A3UV printer with the fifth-generation head. 1. See if drawing. Most of the current A3UV printers on the market have the phenomenon of drawing. The light color is not obvious, and it is very obvious when printing dark colors. Therefore, to see if the drawing is not drawing, only a few dark color blocks are needed It's okay, such as black, crimson, and dark blue. If the machine doesn't work, it will show up immediately. Yanyan's A3UV printer can ensure no drawing. 2. The diagonal of the printed rectangle should be bigger, and the diagonal should be marked, and then see whether the intersection of all the lines overlap perfectly, and whether the straight line is straight and whether the four corners of the rectangle are absolutely 90 degrees. If you can't do even the most basic, the machine must have a problem. 3. Whether the double image is repeated to play a graphic, dozens of times is enough, and then see whether there is a double image, there must be a problem with the double image. 4. Look at the smallest size that can be typed to arrange one version of the text, from size 1 to 9 and then type out, see the smallest size that can be typed, and then pay attention to the edges of the text to see if there is a rough feeling , If you can type very small text, and the edges of the words are very clear and sharp, congratulations, you have chosen the right one.
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