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How To Choose Good Quality Htv Vinyl

How To Choose Good Quality Htv Vinyl


Actully as technical products, it is not easy for user to choose good quality htv vinyl.Now we teach you how to distinguish the quality of htv vinyl.

1, Easy weeding and cutting, is two of the standards for good htv vinyl which can save time and material for users.

2, Durability, is another standard for quality the heat transfer printing. In this case, the htv printing will not fall off the T shirts.

3, Washable, for high quality htv vinyl, it is highly washable after heat pressing.

4, Stretchy, at last the htv printing should be stretchy and flexible on garments.

Dongguan Yanyan Heat Transfer focuses on heat transfer printing, mainly manufactures eco solvent printable heat transfer vinyl and sells at home and abroad for 10 more years.

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