How to color a direct-injection printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Adjustment of printing software for direct-injection printing machine. Through continuous adjustment, it can generally be close to the original image. 1. To color the pattern sprayed by the direct-injection printing machine through the image processing software will generally have a certain color difference with the original image. Different patterns may have different color differences. When the color difference is not within the acceptable range, we generally Everyone chooses to use image processing software to color, common AI, PHOTOSHOP, etc., are all possible, after adjustment, test printing on the machine, and then compare with the original image, and so on, until it is close to the original image, this test It is the design skills of the operator, the proficiency of graphics processing software operation, patience, experience, etc. This is why I have said that 'the direct printing machine is not difficult to operate, but the first requirement is that you must have a person who knows how to draw.' s reason. 2. Through the printing control software color adjustment and the printing control software supporting the direct-injection printing machine also has simple color adjustment functions, but this can be adjusted in a limited range, it can only adjust the style of the entire picture, such as darker and bluer One point, local adjustments cannot be made, so it is like a tasteless one, and it is rarely used. Of course, sometimes, no matter how you color the color, you can’t be satisfied. There may be situations like this. The reasons are as follows: 1. When the ink color density is low, when printing dark colors, it doesn’t matter. No matter how you adjust it, you can’t achieve a satisfactory level. For example, if you want to print dark black, but the ink density of just black is just low, no matter how you color it, the print will always be light black. 2. Curve When the ink does not match the board card and RIP software of the direct-injection printing machine, the color difference of the printed pattern will be very large. No matter how you color it, it is impossible to get close. It is normal after changing the ink brand and model. There will always be such a situation. 3. The wave shape also has a great influence on the pattern effect, which generally depends on the board provider.
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