How to detect the machine performance of the digital direct printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-14
Digital direct-injection machine factories have fun with white ink. If you choose a digital direct-injection machine with white color, you must go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections, and bring your own fabrics and print several samples. It is best to take real orders and continuously test and print. . (Don’t just go to the factory to drink tea) 2. The choice of nozzles: nozzles are imported. The diameter and number of nozzles determine the accuracy and speed of the digital direct injection machine. The smaller the diameter, the higher the accuracy, but it may be more. It is easy to block the nozzle; the more holes there are, the richer the color and the faster the speed. The software and motherboard that control the ink output of the print head should also be used in the most reasonable manner. Otherwise, no matter how fine the print head is, it will not be able to make fine prints, and the print head will be worn out. The selection of nozzles follows this principle: the accuracy of the nozzles is inversely proportional to the speed of the digital direct-injection machine. Some nozzles on the market are of unstable quality, which depends on luck. Therefore, choose a nozzle that has been put into the market for a long time and runs stably; 3. Whether the nozzles of the digital direct-injection machine are properly matched with the ink used, and whether they are perfectly matched; the domestic digital direct-injection machine, the nozzles are all imported, and the ink is also imported. , There are also domestic ones. What kind of nozzles and inks should be used for digital printing machines to achieve the best printing effect and the lowest printing cost. This requires the manufacturer to go through countless experiments. How many expensive imported nozzles are needed to find the most suitable and cost-effective combination. This is also an issue that buyers need to focus on. 4. Head and body structure: Digital direct injection machine pursues high precision, stable head operation, no deviation, no vibration. The stability of the fuselage structure, the precise positioning, whether the operation mode is reasonable, whether the upper and lower cloth is convenient, etc., all need to be investigated.
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