How to judge the quality of clothing digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-14
The quotations of T-shirt printing machine manufacturers are not the same, and the quality, workmanship and after-sales are also different. 1. Confusion in printer shopping malls. We must first make it clear that the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine we bought is not a printer used in ordinary offices. It is not a common machine. T-shirt printers used in industrial production are usually available in China. Imported printers may be refitted from domestic printers. Many of the technologies are not very mature. Of course, some manufacturers have very mature technologies. However, such manufacturers usually have been in the clothing printing machine industry for more than 5 years. The chaos in the market has led to excessive quotations for garment printing machines. 2. The after-sales service point of the manufacturer usually wants to know the after-sales ability of this T-shirt printing machine manufacturer. You can ask how many after-sales service points they have. Usually the more the better, because the more, you can choose the nearest after-sales maintenance T Shirt printer. 3. The experience of the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer This is the main goal to measure the after-sales role of a garment printing machine manufacturer. Think about it, the role of the manufacturer's after-sales staff for months of being a rookie and years or even ten years of experts in helping you solve your questions, there are many differences. 4. In the quotation question, it is said that the market quotation is chaotic. I don’t know whether it is true or false. To distinguish this, you need to understand the parts of the T-shirt printer manufacturer's machine, training, after-sales, etc. The quality of the T-shirt printer is good, and the work is stable. Good sex, don't worry about after-sales service, the price must be higher. If you buy a digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine with good quality and good after-sales service, please come to Yanyan for detailed consultation, or go to Yanyan's purchase tips for more information.
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