How to maintain the nozzle of the garment digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-15
The nozzle of the digital printing machine should be tested frequently, cleaned and checked frequently. As the core component of the pure cotton garment printing machine, the nozzle is very delicate. Its life span is inevitable with the scientificity, rationality and regularity of protection and maintenance. Contact, it can be said that the quality of maintenance determines the cost of the later operation of the clothing digital printing machine. Are you familiar with the above pure cotton garment printing samples? Yes, Brother Crossbow, Brother Crossbow in The Walking Dead, as the editor of Yanyan, I also like to chase American dramas after work. Brother Crossbow in The Walking Dead is my brother’s favorite. Similarly, as the editor of Yanyan, he can operate Clothing printing machine proofing is also one of the necessary skills, otherwise you have to send things every day, which so many materials, the above picture is the sample printed by the brother himself after maintaining the machine. Does it have a very beautiful feeling? Let me tell you another secret, if the direct-injection pure cotton digital printing machine is not well maintained, it is impossible to print such a beautiful sample. Let’s share some elements of the maintenance of the print head of the garment printing machine: 1. After turning on the digital direct-injection pure cotton T-shirt printing machine, check the ink circuit, ink pump, and negative ink pressure system. These major items determine the ink filtration. Whether the circulatory system can work normally also determines whether the nozzle can work normally. 2. After checking, use the digital printing machine to test the strips. If the test strips are inconsistent, clean the print head quickly. The cost of cleaning is less than a dollar at a time, so don't be reluctant to bear this little ink. You can calculate which ink is more expensive or the nozzle of thousands of dollars is cheaper. 3. Before printing on the garment printing machine, it is best to press each piece of cloth with a pressing machine. Pressing for 10 seconds is enough. The temperature is 150 degrees. Don't worry about burning the clothes. The temperature is so short. When printing, there is almost no damage to the fabric. The advantage of pressing it is that the upright hair on the surface of the clothes is flattened, so that the nozzle will not touch the clothes when the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is printing. Of the treatment liquid. 4. It is best to clean the print head before shutting down the cotton garment printing machine for a long period of time or after get off work. No matter whether it is blocked or not, you must clean it. Who is more expensive and who is cheaper for the nozzles of thousands of dollars on the cotton digital printing machine? 5. Before turning off the cotton garment printing machine, be sure to inject moisturizing fluid into the ink-absorbing pad and check whether the ink-absorbing pad can work normally. Note that it is injected with moisturizing fluid, not cleaning fluid, and must not be confused. In this case, the nozzles of the pure cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine will not dry and block the nozzles. 6. After turning off the cotton garment printing machine, be sure to check whether the nozzle of the printing machine is closed with the ink-absorbing pad. If it is not closed, manually assist in closing or call the maintenance master to handle it. Otherwise, the nozzle of the pure cotton digital printing machine It is also easy to break.
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