How to make reasonable use of digital T-shirt printing machine in off-season

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
The T-shirt printing machine cannot operate at full capacity. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for the garment digital printing processing factory, because this is an excellent opportunity for the maintenance of the T-shirt digital printing machine and the charging of the technicians. The phrase “do sales in peak seasons and do quality in off-seasons” is widely circulated in the sales world. The hard work in peak seasons and the rest and rejuvenation in the off-season have become the operating rules of most printing factories. You can use ample time to continuously research and improve the digital printing process, thoroughly understand the operation, repair, and maintenance of the digital T-shirt printing machine, so as to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of garment printing. Off-season is an excellent time for high-speed internal digital printing factories. T-shirt digital printing machines cannot be normal 365 days a year, and occasionally break down and need to be overhauled and maintained. Therefore, digital printing factories can take advantage of the off-season market to be more leisurely. The opportunity to maintain and maintain the digital T-shirt printing machine that has no time to take care of during busy hours is very conducive to the healthy and stable operation of the machine. The off-season is an excellent period for the operators of the digital T-shirt printing machine to charge the quality of clothing printing. It is directly related to the level of the digital T-shirt printing machine operators. With some slack, the off-season is approaching. In the case of low output, quality issues are particularly important. Therefore, the off-season is an excellent period for T-shirt digital printing machine operators to learn to charge.
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