How to operate the garment printing machine to achieve the best results

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
In the digital printing machine for apparel fabrics, the fabric transfer is divided into piece transfer and garment transfer. In this transfer process, the method of cut piece transfer and garment transfer is roughly the same. In the transfer process, how to make the inkjet thermal transfer paper achieve the best effect in the transfer process? ①Before batch transfer, please make a transfer sample to make sure that the temperature and time of the transfer machine that affect the color are appropriate. ②Before transfer, make sure that the inkjet thermal transfer paper is basically dry to avoid incomplete transfer and stains. ③Before transfer, the inkjet thermal transfer paper pattern and fabric should be blown and finished to remove the paper scraps, cilia and other attachments on the fabric and inkjet thermal transfer paper to prevent these debris from being trapped in the inkjet thermal transfer paper. Printing defects are caused between the printing paper and the fabric. ④The ghost image is often caused by the pressure plate separating too fast, and the upper pressure plate airflow adsorbs the inkjet heat transfer paper. At this time, the throttle valve should be adjusted to make the cylinder (or oil cylinder) of the flat heat transfer machine slow down. Prevent the transferred inkjet thermal transfer paper from being sucked up and falling, causing secondary sublimation transfer and ghosting. To avoid ghosting, you can also dip the four corners of the inkjet thermal transfer paper with clean water to adhere to the cloth for transfer or use inkjet thermal transfer paper. ⑤Because the backing material (cotton cloth, sponge, cardboard, etc.) of the bottom plate absorbs the moisture accumulation of ink, it will cause too much water vapor during transfer, which makes the color of the pattern on the transfer cloth lighter, and local aerosol and water patterns appear. Therefore, before and during the transfer process, it is necessary to frequently air and heat a few times to evaporate the moisture on the pad cotton cloth. If possible, you can replace the dry pad material in time to prevent this from happening. ⑥ Pay attention to safe operation during the flat plate transfer process. It is strictly forbidden to put your hands under the hot plate, and pay attention to avoid high temperature burns.
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