How to print on leather? How to choose the craft of leather printing

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
What about the leather printing process? If you want to be cheap or hand-printed, if you want effect and quality, you can only use leather digital direct-injection printing. Let’s first talk about how to print on leather. There are currently three main processes for leather printing, namely: manual printing, digital direct-injection printing, and thermal transfer printing. You should see more manual printing. There are two types of digital direct-injection printing, one is eco-solvent ink printing, and the other is UV printing. Thermal transfer printing is what we often call thermal transfer printing. When we have leather printing needs, which process should we choose? Let's first analyze the pros and cons of these three leather printing processes. 1. The advantages of hand-made leather printing: The cost is quite low. It can be said that there is no second craft that is cheaper than hand-made leather printing, and the efficiency is very high. Disadvantages of hand-made leather printing: it is not environmentally friendly, the effect is simple, gradient colors, complex patterns, etc. cannot be made. 2. Advantages of digital direct-injection printing eco-solvent: low cost, no hand feeling at all. The disadvantages of eco-solvents: only white leather can be printed, and the color will fade over time (more than half a year). UV printing advantage: the effect is very good, dark leather can also be printed UV printing disadvantages: high cost, low efficiency Note: The use of UV printing for leather printing is also the past two years, but most of them are immature and unable to Through the cracking and color fading tests, Yanyan’s UV leather printing process is now very mature. It can be folded more than 100,000 without cracking, friction-resistant, and it will not crack or fade when it is boiled or frozen. 3. Thermal transfer leather printing The effect of thermal transfer printing on leather is better than traditional manual printing, but the color fastness is incomparable with manual printing and digital direct injection printing, and its cost is also between manual printing and digital direct injection. Between printing, only white leather can be printed. Through the above comparison, I believe everyone will have a good answer to the question of how to choose the leather printing process.
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