How to print patterns on leather

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
There are three types of leather printing machines: traditional leather printing machines, thermal transfer printing, and digital leather printing. The three types of leather printing machines have their own advantages. The three are both competitive and complementary. . 1. Screen printing machine The screen printing machine is a traditional leather printing machine, the main equipment for printing patterns on leather in the early days. Advantages: high efficiency, low printing cost, good color fastness. Disadvantages: It is not environmentally friendly, only simple color blocks can be printed, and the skill requirements of the workers are higher. Due to the fatal flaw of environmental protection, the screen printing machine has declined, and its market share has been gradually eroded by the digital leather printing machine, but the screen printing machine will not disappear, because many craft digital leather printing machines cannot be realized, such as exclusive colors such as gold and silver. , The digital leather printing machine cannot be made. 2. As a device for printing patterns on leather, thermal transfer printing is relatively less used. The advantages of thermal transfer: good effect, simple and convenient operation, small investment, in fact, it is cheap to put it bluntly. Disadvantages: easy to crack, non-wearing, low efficiency. Therefore, thermal transfer printing is suitable for low-end leather printing, and it is still possible to do a little bit of fun. 3. Digital leather printing machine Advantages of digital leather printing machine: good efficiency, can print complex patterns such as gradient color, non-cracking, and wear-resistant. Disadvantages: In addition to the inability to print gold and silver, it seems that other defects can not be found. High-end leather printing tools have now become the main equipment for printing patterns on leather.
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