How to reduce ink consumption of cotton T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-13
The cost of T-shirt printing machine is more than 70 yuan. This cost is basically equal to the sky-high price in the current cotton printing industry. The market is still unable to accept such a high printing cost. How to reduce the dark cotton fabric What about the cost of printing? There are still ways to use light-colored cotton fabric as much as possible, and use a cotton T-shirt printer to spray the fabric into a dark-colored base color combined pattern. In this way, the cost will be reduced. The cost of printing a square meter of cotton is only 3 yuan. Around, the cost of this price can still be accepted by the market. 2. Paste instead of white ink, you can use paste instead of white ink, print a white background with manual printing, and then use a cotton T-shirt printer to spray color ink on the white background. In this case, the cost of cotton printing is also very cheap, but This kind of printing can only print cut pieces and garments, and the cost of printing a piece of A4 size pieces or garments only costs a few cents. For batches of dark cotton printing, this kind of cotton T-shirt printer is a little more expensive. 3. Discharging instead of white ink. This is the most perfect solution for cotton T-shirt printing printing machine. By discharging printing, the pattern piece is directly pulled out, and then the cotton T-shirt printer sprays the color on it. Flower type. This kind of craft is relatively difficult, mainly because there are not many people who know how to draw printing.
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