How to reduce the color difference of cotton digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-13
The lower the influence of the ink of the digital printing machine, 2. If you need to make a white background, the white background should be white enough, 3. You can use photoshop to fine-tune the printing pattern to achieve the desired effect. Yanyan’s editor comes to Xiangyu to explain: 1. The fabric is white enough. If it is a light-colored fabric, it is best to use a very white fabric. The whiter the better, when the white background is white enough, spray on the digital printing machine. The smaller the impact of the printed ink, it can even be ignored. 2. White background is white enough. When white fabrics cannot be used, white background is needed. At this time, the white background must be white enough. Same as 1, when the white background is white enough, the cotton digital printing machine will print out. The color difference of the ink color will be smaller. 3. Toning When the above two are not satisfied, you can fine-tune the pattern pattern through photoshop. This will test the designer's skills. Through continuous correction tests, the cotton fabric digital printing opportunity will finally print a satisfactory result. .
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