How to reduce the printing cost of cloth digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-11
For digital printing machines, the ink consumption and power consumption can be described as amazing. A cloth digital printing machine consumes one or two sets of ink a day is not too much. The power of the tunnel furnace matched with the cloth digital printing machine is relatively large, generally around 40Kw/h. In the daily production process, how to save ink consumption and reduce expenses as much as possible? Next, the editor of Yanyan will give you a detailed answer on how to reduce the cost of printing from the ink aspect in this article! Generally speaking, most digital printing machines use inductive sensors to detect the ink content in the ink cartridges. As long as the sensor detects that the ink volume of one of the colors is less than the value set in the fabric printing machine, it will automatically appear that the ink needs to be replaced. hint. Then, at this time, we can take out the ink cartridge and reset the sensor inside the cloth digital printing machine to confirm the installation of a new ink cartridge. In the process of printing, different printing modes are set, and the ink consumed is not the same. In addition, the consumption of ink is also proportional to the resolution of the printing. Therefore, during the printing process of the cloth printing machine, it is necessary to select the appropriate printing mode and printing resolution according to the actual situation. If you are printing some materials that do not require high resolution or are not important, you can print in ink-saving mode. In this case, the consumption of ink will also be reduced, and manufacturers can better save production costs. In addition, Yanyan not only provides a variety of digital printing machines, but also has a company that specializes in ink Ru0026D, production, and sales. It eliminates the intermediary links and sells directly to manufacturers. It can be matched with cloth printing machines at a high price. Even more favorable, if you have any needs in this regard, you can contact our staff!
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