How to solve the abnormal phenomenon of direct-injection printer?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-13
The development of direct-injection printer technology has been very user-friendly, as long as you understand the printing process of direct-injection printers, this problem can be handled easily. When printing is not correct, first you have to find out whether it is because the generated output program is not correct to cause printing. You can use other programs to print the document to test. Enter some text in Notepad or WordPad, and then press Print. If you can’t print the test document, it means that there is an error in the program you are using, and you can reinstall the program. However, it is sometimes necessary to reinstall the printer driver. And the driver of the inkjet printer may be damaged, causing the error that the document cannot be printed. We can reinstall the appropriate driver and then print. In the 'Printers' window, right-click the printer icon, and then click 'Delete Device'. If the system prompts 'Delete special files for this printer'Next' button, and then execute the on-screen instructions. At this time you can use it successfully. In fact, the way to deal with the inability of a direct-injection printer to print correctly is like a computer system failure, as long as you reset the program, you can print normally.
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