How to solve the color cast of textile printers?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-13
The printing preferences in the textile printer driver will provide color matching options, which allow users to achieve subtle adjustments on each color. ● The light of the working area The light of the working environment is equally important. Some surrounding or dazzling lights will cause the user to have an adverse effect on the display color of the display. When comparing the printed output and the display image, it cannot be accurately observed. Differences, so the lighting effects of the work area and the brightness and contrast adjustment of the display are also very important. ● Graphics card driver The color information of some color printer drivers is read from the graphics card in the computer. If the color cannot be matched correctly and completely, users can consider upgrading the graphics card driver of the computer. ● Paper and ink problems Printing media such as some glossy photo papers should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. The discomfort of temperature and humidity will also affect the normal performance of colors; in addition, the printing quality will also be affected by the use time of the ink, and the ink cartridges will have an expiration date. , After the expiration date of the ink cartridge, consider replacing the ink cartridge.
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