How to solve the dark printing pattern of leather digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
Friends of the digital printing machine have encountered the problem of dark patterns, and the printed results are not satisfactory. So how to solve it? Now Yanyan will provide you with a professional solution to the dark color of the leather printing machine.   The color is dark. Reason 1: The ink quality is problematic.   What needs to be understood is that various factors such as the shade, gamut, and fullness of the pigments in the ink produced by different leather printer ink manufacturers are different, and they will all have some obvious characteristics. For example, some leather printing machine ink manufacturers provide inks that are darker in yellow and red in red. This requires the user to clearly request the leather printing machine manufacturer to provide ink characteristic information before purchasing the leather digital printing machine.   The color is dark and the reason two is the problem of the operating software.  Software factor: The color and printing software system of the leather printing machine. Under the condition of ensuring that the curve is appropriate, factors such as the accuracy of the print head, the set pass, and the conversion accuracy of the software will affect the final printing effect. Here is a little trick to tell you that when buying a leather printer, you can let the leather digital printing machine manufacturer provide eight to twelve different modes and different precision curves of the same image.   The third reason for the dark color: the problem of the substrate itself.  Different substrates and inks have different degrees of fusion, which is also a factor that affects the color effect of the leather printing machine, causing the color of the image printed by the leather printer to be darker and lighter.
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