How to solve the floating ink of leather digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
During the printing process of the digital printing machine, the ink spraying amount of a certain color is insufficient, which manifests itself as burrs and blurred lines. Check the status of the print head carefully, and check the status by printing a test strip. If you find that the leather printing machine is clogged, the lines are not clear, and the lines are intermittent, you need to clean the inside of the nozzle with a cleaning fluid. There are many reasons for the nozzle clogging. Customers and friends can clean the nozzle 1-2 times, if it is serious It needs to be soaked with alcohol for 24 hours and then cleaned to eliminate hidden dangers. 2: The distance between the print head and the medium is too high. It may be that the print head of the leather digital printing machine is too high from the surface of the medium, which causes the ink droplets to be jetted on the surface of the medium in a straight line. Phenomena such as dots, burrs, and ghosts. Usually, when the nozzle is more than 8cm away from the printing material, the phenomenon of ink floating will appear. So when printing, please check the height, if it exceeds, it needs to be lowered. 3: The high voltage of the print head may be caused by the high voltage. The print head of the leather digital printing machine adopts Epson or Ricoh print head, which requires strict working voltage. If the voltage is unstable or the voltage is too high, it will inevitably cause the equipment to fail to operate normally. Check the voltage displayed by the indicator light, whether the red light is on, and it alarms. If it is found that there are other accessory circuits on the voltage board of the print head, it means that it is a modified leather digital printing machine. If the conditions are limited, please equip the voltage stabilizer at the corresponding point to ensure the proper voltage environment of the equipment. 4: The reason for the electronic control system is the problem of the leather printing electronic control system. The electronic control system controls the pulse ignition interval to be unreasonable, and the pulse interferes with the flight trajectory of the ink drop during the operation of the equipment, resulting in unsatisfactory picture effects. The pulse interval of the electronic control system to control the nozzle ignition is unreasonable. This leather digital printing machine manufacturer is caused by the irregular design of the hardware structure, and the manufacturer needs to send technicians to solve it.
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