How to solve the problem of the misalignment of the digital direct printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-09
Techniques for printing ghosting and misalignment faults in digital direct inkjet printers. 1. Check the grating of the printer, whether the grating is the same as in the normal working state, because the grating is the key to positioning the image and can not tolerate the slightest dirt, so if it is found to be dirty, it needs to be cleaned, especially in the daily use of digital printers. The influence of space dust and other ink stains and the dirt in the nest will affect the good use of the grating. Therefore, the user can clean the grating and then perform the printing test. If the grating is faulty, it can also be replaced with a new one. The cost is also cheap, and the problem can be solved simply. 2. Check whether the trolley where the nozzle of the digital direct inkjet machine is located is not moving smoothly. The movement of the trolley of the digital direct inkjet machine is the key to controlling the nozzle to achieve precise positioning of the inkjet. If there is too much resistance during the movement, it will cause jams and the like. In this case, the nozzles will be randomly ejected, and the printed images will appear disordered or ghosted. At this time, you need to check the gaskets, copper sleeves, etc. of the trolley for foreign objects or severe wear. Remember after cleaning. Add some lubricating oil to solve it satisfactorily. The multi-functional and stable digital direct inkjet printer is a large format print output device that users are very welcome at present. The stable digital direct inkjet printer not only makes you more convenient and simple to use, but also may avoid the large size during the printing process. Small faults affect work. Yanyan's digital direct-injection machine has stable performance and high cost-effectiveness. It exports hundreds of units every year, and the quality of the machine is well recognized by customers at home and abroad.
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