How to use active ink for digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
How to use the active ink of the digital printing machine. For the insoluble disperse dyes of the digital printing machine, when the concentration of inorganic salt increases, there will be more electric charges that are negative to the adsorption layer into the adsorption layer. When the charge of the adsorption layer is completely neutralized, the zeta potential in the micelle drops to zero, which makes the electrostatic repulsion of the micelle smaller or even disappears completely, greatly reducing the anti-cohesion ability of the dispersion and making the entire dispersion system stable The sex is destroyed, causing the dye to settle. In addition, the high concentration of inorganic salt can easily corrode the nozzle and reduce the service life of the nozzle. At present, the common reactive inks in the domestic market have several colors such as cyan, black, magenta, blue, orange, yellow, and gray. In addition, cyan and magenta are diluted to about 15-20% to make light cyan and light red. It can meet the basic production needs, but there are still problems in applications such as clogged nozzles, unstable color development, incorrect color light, insufficient depth, and small color gamut.
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