How to use the nozzle of the digital direct printing machine correctly

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The print head of the digital direct-injection machine. First: The quality of the consumables of the machine is not good enough, causing the clogging of the print head, which often results in serious clogging of the print head. This is the most serious consumable quality problem. If the consumables clogging the print head factor is too large, it will directly lead to the clogging of the print head. The plugging factor is a parameter directly related to the particle size of the pigment in the consumable. If the plugging factor is larger, the particles are also larger. Using consumables with a larger plugging factor may not find any problems in the short term, but as the usage increases, the filter will gradually become clogged, causing damage to the ink pump, and even some large particles will pass through the filter. Permanent blockage of the ink head causes serious damage to the ink head. Second: The impact of rapid changes in temperature and humidity on the print head and consumables. When the digital direct-injection machine leaves the factory, each direct-injection machine manufacturer will have a specific temperature and humidity limit for the use environment of the equipment. Why is there such a limit? The stability of the consumables determines the usage of the print head of the digital direct inkjet printer, and the stability of the consumables is determined by the viscosity, surface tension, volatility, fluidity and other factors of the consumables, and the direct influence on these indicators is not completely It is determined by the production process, and the temperature and humidity of the storage and use environment also play a decisive role in the normal use of consumables. If the temperature is too high or too low, the viscosity of the consumables will decrease or increase a lot, thus breaking the original state of the consumables. As a result, frequent disconnections and even spattered pictures appear during the printing process. Third: the influence of working habits on the print head. Pay attention to the burr on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, so as not to scratch the nozzle during the suction process. The most feared thing about the print head is drying, as long as you find a way not to let the print head dry. The poor use of consumables is mainly manifested in poor ink and muddy heads (shown as a V-shape on the screen). The color is not bright and gray, and the color fades quickly, etc. Fourth: Too high viscosity of consumables Consumables too high will cause consumables to stick in the ink pipe, resulting in insufficient ink supply, insufficient ink ejection, and color breaks. Especially in winter, when the temperature is low, this phenomenon is more prominent. Solution: Increase the indoor temperature (such as turning on the air conditioner, using a dryer, electric heater, etc.) to reduce the viscosity of the consumables. Or use consumables with lower viscosity. Fifth: The influence of static electricity on equipment and ink. During the printing process, a large amount of static electricity is generated due to the friction between the printing substrate and the feed roller. If it cannot be eliminated in time, it will easily affect the normal operation of the print head. If the ink droplets are enough to be affected by static electricity Deviating from its trajectory causes the phenomenon of vanishing and ink flying on the screen. If the static electricity is too large, the print head may be damaged, and the computer equipment is prone to garbled and crashed under the influence of high static electricity, and even the phenomenon of burning the machine circuit board Therefore, it is extremely important to take correct and effective measures to eliminate the static electricity generated by the equipment. Buried ground wire is a good way to eliminate static electricity.
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