Imported cotton T-shirt printing machine price

by:angelacrox     2021-08-18
The T-shirt printing machine can not only print pure cotton, but also polyester. The price is very expensive. The entry-level model costs hundreds of thousands for one machine, and more than one million for high-end models, which can be said to be a sky-high price. , But there are still many people who buy it. There is no way. They sell high prices. Naturally, others sell high prices. Naturally, they are unique. Sales speaks for everything. In addition, they have to accept our purchasing power, Kornit's. Most of the T-shirt printing machines have been sold to our country. 2. Epson Epson is the veteran of the digital printer industry. Its printers are widely used in office, industrial printing, and cotton digital direct-injection printing. The price of its cotton T-shirt printing machine is about 150,000 yuan, compared with Kornit. In other words, it’s very cheap, but compared to the domestic cotton T-shirt printing machine, its price is several times that of the domestic cotton T-shirt printing machine with the same frame, but there are still people who buy it. The technology, quality, brand, After-sales service, people are slamming there in every aspect, and it blows you up every minute and every second. 3. Brother Brother is also another giant in the printer industry. Its printers are also used in all walks of life. Cotton T-shirt printing is naturally indispensable. The price of Brother's cotton T-shirt printing machine is about 180,000. Epson is of the same grade, and the machine is really good. The same technology, quality, brand, and after-sales are incomparable to the country's manufacturers. Another one also mentioned that DTG, which seems to be also called Anjiet, looks no different from a domestic machine. I haven't used it or seen it before. Basically I can't see it in China. I don't know if I have a domestic machine. Put a foreign label.
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