Imported digital printing machine brand

by:angelacrox     2021-08-18
Brand of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. The early digital printing machines were basically controlled by these three companies. Later, with the rise of domestic digital printing machine brands, domestic digital printing machines have now blossomed everywhere due to their high cost performance. The domestic direct injection of pure cotton The T-shirt printing machine market seems to be copying this momentum again. The high-end direct-injection cotton T-shirt printing machine is still controlled by imported brands, but the low-end direct-injection cotton T-shirt printing machine has been completely swallowed by domestic brands. NS. 1. Epson Epson has mastered the key core nozzle of the printer. This one is destined to become a kaleidoscope-like role. As long as it is related to printers, all of them are involved. Of course, digital printing machines are no exception. Digital printing machine, its main precision, compared with Muto and Mimaki, its accuracy and color are the best, but the speed is the slowest. 2. The Epson print head and single print head used by Muto Muto’s machine cleverly strike a balance between fineness and speed, achieve the ultimate cost-effectiveness, the effect is acceptable to the public, and the speed is higher than that of Epson digital printing. There are many machines, so it is better than Epson in the digital printing machine. 3. Mimaki Mimaki's main focus is high speed. Mimaki's digital printing machines generally have two Epson fifth-generation nozzles, and their speed is much higher than that of Epson and Muto, but the price of this machine is much more expensive.
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