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by:angelacrox     2020-05-26
Labelcraft product development 100% recyclable release liner * Labelcraft Products Co. , Ltd.
Pickering, Ontario, Canada, announced its debut with its new ecosystem
Friendly Release pad with recyclable environment pad.
The company says recyclable environmental liners are the first of its kind, and the release design is made of 100% recycled materials that can be recycled in local facilities.
Recyclable environments can be used on a variety of faces-
Stock including film, gloss, heat transfer, EDP and direct heat.
Labelcraft is currently discussing production of this new product with global labelstock manufacturers.
Traditionally, release pads are non-recyclable as they are coated with a large amount of silicone.
However, Labelcraft has overcome this problem after years of research and development.
Made of 100% recycled paper, TheRecyclable enviroline allows the converter to use standard printing machines, which customers can use their standard printers.
This recyclable eco-friendly product demonstrates labelcraft\'s strong commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.
The company said, \"while the label industry has traditionally not been ahead in terms of sustainability, recyclable environmental products are a key turning point.
It is estimated that nearly 1,200,000 tons of padding are dumped into landfill sites each year in North America.
Recyclable enviroliner is the first product to allow suppliers and customers to work hard for 100% landfill-free facilities.
Sun made surepress l of Epson-
4033AW * Epson announced that Thorne manufacturing purchased Epson SurePress L-
4033AW digital label printing machine.
With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing, rotary conversion and cutting of flexo printing equipment, Sohn manufacturing is a highly competitive label product, rotary cutting mold, reliable source of printing and conversion machine.
Sorne quality customization, a division of Sorne manufacturing, will use SurePress to expand its short term
Provide label printing products to customers, help them to produce customized diecut labels and shorten production time.
\"From our discussions with epsonrepresatives at the trade show, we already know about SurePress and its amazing capabilities,\" said Harvey beidury, sohnManufacturing sales representative, \"and our customers, they came to us to provide integrated solutions for diecut finishers. \".
\"Seeing the implementation of the joint solution, helpedus decided to buy our own SurePress, which will allow us to create highquality short-
Run labels while reducing costs and reducing production time.
Epson SurePress L-designed for prime label converters and commercial printers
4033AW is a simple-to-operate, 7-
Color Inkjet Digital printing machine, white ink, highquality, short-
Even on transparent and metal-based boards, label printing can be run more easily and efficiently.
L-excellent print quality and accurate color reproduction, as well as improved features4033AW is one-
An effective and reliable solution that enables printers to expand their service offerings and improve profitability.
Driving SurePress L-
4033AW is the included Wasatch RIP and print management software.
Wasatch SoftRIP is a complex rip solution, designed to save production of premium colors at the same time by including enhanced color management options, efficient layout features, powerful workflow tools, variable data printing and contour cutting.
\"We are happy to offer our family
Owned businesses, such as asSohn Manufacturing, have the digital printing technology needed to help complete the label printing solution, \"commented Deborah Gomez, product manager, label group, Epson USA
\"Sue repress L-
4033AW designed for short printingrun,high-
The quality label provides the ideal cost for Thorne manufacturing
Create a short effective solution
Make labels for their customers.
\"Flint Group chose flexo printing for the global innovation center *, the global innovation center recently opened by Flint Group in Malmo, Sweden, aiming to provide unparalleled testing facilities for the printing industry.
Established as an academic environment 111, daily business practices can be tested and analyzed, and the inMalmo center in southern Sweden is home to a stateof-the-
Art water research and development laboratory managed by Rune Sjolin, R & D director of Flint Group.
The printing center of Flint Group has a well-equipped Soma CI printing machine, managed by Keldebak, printing plant and OEM Manager.
\"As printing, especially in the packaging industry, becomes increasingly global, the converters, wherever they are located in the world, demand standard ink solutions for their production plants.
This is far from easy to solve, because the range from the technology used to the work practices used to the climatic conditions of different plants involves a large number of variables.
\"That\'s why we built this unique facility,\" he explained . \".
Referring to one of the world\'s leading packaging printers, it was decided to install the Soma CI flexopress to run the print test in a controlled environment.
To ensure the peakperformance of the printing press, Keldebak sought advice on his ancillary equipment, with Flexo Wash at the top of the list in aniox cleaning technology.
\"We believe that if the device is the first choice for hard equipment --
\"Working in a business environment, then this will be part of our standardized plan,\" he explained . \".
The installed Flexo washing machine is a 991 XL mesh roller cleaner, and managing director Lars contard is pleased to supply it to Flint Krupp on an OEM basis.
With good local support from nearby Denmark, Flexo Wash is keen to build a double
Communication about how the washing machine works under test conditions.
Commenting on Flexo Wash, international sales manager Matt Lawson said, \"We believe the establishment of newGIC in Malmo is an inspiring move for the Flint Group and are pleased to be involved
\"We opened in April 2017 and are still building our facilities and knowledge base, but I expect a combination of manufacturers, converters, R & D departments and brand owners to book the facility in full, keldebak said: \"Everyone wants to see how they can improve performance and quality. \".
The global innovation center in Malmo is part of a set of technology development facilities operated by Flint Group ---
In Sweden, there is a narrow network center for treberg and Rogers in the United States, and in Stuttgart, Germany, there is a sheet fed center.
FlintGroup says it is proud to provide these testing and training facilities to customers around the world.
MAGIC more smart label * upm raflatac has launched a brand new solution for brand promotion, protection and logistics applications.
Cooperate with cloud development
Based on Magic Add, an expert in data and content management, rafmorecom combines pressure sensitive labels with unique machines
Readable code opens up new possibilities for product verification and tracking, marketing analysis, and consumer engagement.
RafMore is an intelligent solution that provides its own digital identity for every labeled product.
Code embedded in the label design is stored in the cloud database and acts as an information channel at every point in the product\'s journey from creation to consumption.
Brands can use this unique digital identity in a variety of ways to add value.
For brand promotion, RafMore can increase consumer engagement by providing new ways to tell brand stories.
For example, the code embedded in the tag can link to digital content that develops as the consumer journey progresses.
RafMore also allows brands to create new service models that accurately track and track products, improve inventory accuracy, verify authenticity, and prevent counterfeiting attempts.
\"RafMore allows brands to unlock the great potential of labeling on products in a variety of different ways,\" said Hasselblatt, director of global business development at UPM Raflatac in January.
\"RafMore connects every label product to the Web to help brands collect valuable information that can be used to increase consumer engagement, optimize logistics processes and protect brand integrity.
\"California geo-label buy home\'s EDALE FL3 flexo press * geo-label
The run label converter in Southern California recently purchased its first 6-
Release color Edale FL3 news via Edale\'s US distributor Matik Inc.
Geo Labels was first launched in 2003 by current owners George and Elena Contras.
The company specializes in the production of scale labels, as well as industrial and major labels in a wide range of markets from food packaging to cosmetics.
George Contras, owner of Geo lab, commented, \"Edale is ahead of game technology in comparison to the current news manufacturer market, combining personal methods, years of experience and a good knowledge base.
Edale is the obvious choice for us.
James Boughton, managing director of Edale, said, \"due to the strength of local manufacturers, Edale has been vigilant about the US market.
However, as our old philosophy of making simple flexo printing machines turns into the most automated equipment in the manufacturing industry right now, our success really shows us the potential of this market.
\"Edale FL Series presses are based on Uniprint technology and automated packaging, including AiiR (
Automatic ink loss, impression and registration).
Menges roller, based in IL Wauconda, USA, announced the expansion * Menges Roller announced that the multifaceted expansion involving major plant and equipment upgrades is progressing smoothly.
This expansion will enable the company to keep up with the pace of the year. over-
Annual growth and maintain a high position in the commercial manufacture of rollers and coverings serving the conversion of large rollers for industrial use, steel, packaging, plastics and other industrial uses. The multi-
The million dollar expansion of the factory\'s footprint will double the manufacturing footprint, providing a division for Meng\'s two core capabilities-rubber roller sleeve and core/heat transfer roller manufacturing.
Matt Menges, president, announced it was the first time a new machine tool had been ordered for more than $1 m.
\"Our factory is now a full CNC in core manufacturing, which allows us to make in the most efficient way,\" he said . \".
\"Our new lathe has the capacity of 72\" diameter and 275 \"length, with the ability of live tooling and 3-axis machining.
\"The whole newly added design by 4-
The 10 ton overhead crane provides a lifting capacity of 40,000 pounds per bay for the increasing roller size regularly manufactured.
Menges is expected to complete the building expansion in the next few months, and then the new equipment expansion will begin to be installed.
Harper company of the United States, a global supplier of mesh roller, has achieved Air Compliance Excellence (ACE)
Fort meclen County Air Quality Award (MCAQ)
Continue to fulfill its commitment to reduce pollution and improve local air quality.
Over the past year, Harper has complied with all the terms of its air quality license.
Violations without complaints of dust or smell, completed the required emission controls and submitted reports, notices and fee payments on time.
In addition, the company complied with the regulations during the annual inspection.
\"We take the environment, safety and health of our employees very seriously,\" said LeeKluttz, president of Harper, USA . \".
\"We are very proud of being awarded this award and we cannot do it without the continued dedication of our staff.
\"Harper Corporation of the United States will continue to do its part to protect the environment and improve the air quality in meikeburg County.
Inks werk announces the update of FASTMATCH * inks werk environmental ink, a manufacturer of Inks and coatings, announcing the release of the latest version of FastMatch 2017.
FastMatch is a web-
A color-based management software program that provides precise ink recipes.
It can be used for water-
And UV ink, and can take advantage of the customer\'s preferred substrate.
The color Selected for matching can be a digital Pantone reference or can be scanned in from a physical sample.
Nick Guagliardo, color manager, technical services, Siegwerk, said: \"This update is driven by customer feedback and is part of Siegwerk\'s commitment to keep our customers informed about pantone
\"This update allows to continue to reduce the set-up time and color waste in the scuone book.
Avery dennison added UL 969 * Avery Dennison labels and packaging materials to the DURST portfolio North America announced that it has received UL 969-
Identification of a range of durable commodity label structures has been verified for use in the Durst Tau 330 Digital Press.
This is part of an ongoing commitment to expand material selection for digital printing platforms. UL 969-
Recognition provides more opportunities for Durst Tau 330-operated converters in the field of durable goods labels.
With recognized label materials they can be quick and cost-effective
Use their digital assets effectively to increase the business in these areas.
Label material, UL 969-
Recognition brings significant benefits.
Converters that use previously recognized structures can simply submit the label adoption when submitting a \"print\" label to UL fortesting and certification.
This can reduce the cost by up to 75%, reduce the approval time from about 12 weeks to two weeks, and actually eliminate the risk that the label does not meet UL requirements.
As one of the four US laboratories conducting standard 969 testing through UL certification, Avery Dennison laboratory technicians selected label materials in accordance with UL 969 marking and labeling system testing protocols.
These materials are printed by the Durst Tau 330 press using its ink system.
After testing, 15 label structures were approved by UL 969.
\"Due to the material compatibility of Tau 330 and the durability of ink, we have achieved great success in the durable goods and industry sector,\" said Diane ivanke, business development manager, avery Dennison labels and packaging materials North America.
\"Converters that focus on these areas of durable products can believe that the combination of Avery Dennison materials and Durst ink will be created --
Long lasting structure for many strict applications.
\"Most of these label materials are provided through the AveryDennison Precision Service program, which allows the converter to order a slit roll within 48 hours.
Low order quantity, down-
The delivery on the same day complements the small operation and quick turnover function of digital printing.
\"We recognize the growth opportunities associated with digital printing technology in the field of durable goods and invest in helping converters take advantage,\" said Ewanko . \".
\"Avery Dennison has a close relationship with many of the leading manufacturers of printed original equipment, including Durst.
AveryDennison thanked them for sharing our vision and commitment to expand this area for the converter.
\"Our customers value our relationship and early work with Avery Dennison,\" said Emily Kroll, business director, labels and professional packaging systems, Durst Image Technology US.
\"Ability to purchase digital assets already included in the UL-arobust portfolio
Recognized substrates save time, money, and ultimately enable them to enter the market faster.
\"The merger is completed, and the introduction of Dow Chemical Company and E. I.
DuPont has successfully completed their merger.
The merged entity operates in the name of \"Dow Bridge\" as a holding company, with three departments-
Science of agriculture, materials and special products.
At the close of the New York Stock Exchange, Shares of DuPont and Dow stopped trading (NYSE)
August 31.
On the second working day, DowDuPont began trading in New York securities, so the stock code \"DWDP\" was traded.
\"Under the merger agreement, Dowager holders received a fixed exchange rate of 1.
00 Dow shares per share, DuPont shareholders get a fixed exchange rate of 1.
DuPont shares 282 per share.
\"Today marks an important milestone in the legendary history of our two companies,\" said Andrew livis, executive chairman of DuPont.
\"We are very excited to complete cross-border mergers and acquisitions and will continue to create three international industries --
Leading independent listed companies.
While our collective heritage and strength are impressive, the real value of this merger is the intention to create three industry giants that define their markets and drive growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Our team has been working on integration planning for over a year and-as of today-
We will be down-to-earth in carrying out these plans and intend to complete the separation as soon as possible.
\"For shareholders, customers and employees, closing the deal is a decisive step towards releasing higher value and greater opportunities through the future built on sustainable growth and innovation,\" said DuPont CEO Ed ·
\"Dodd DuPont provides a platform for three powerful companies that will better re-invest in science and innovation to solve any problems of our customers
Changing challenges and creating long term
Long-term returns from our shareholders.
With the completion of the merger, our focus is on finalizing the organizational structure, which will be the basis for these three interested strong companies and gain synergies and value.
Each target company has a clear focus, market awareness and more product development, and will have the ability to successfully compete as an industry leader.
\"Polymag tek, in cooperation with static cleaning INTERNATIONAL * Polymag Tek, based in Rochester, New York, USA, and StaticClean INTERNATIONAL, based in Billerica, MA North, recently signed a strategic alliance agreement.
This strategic alliance will make each company a North American distributor of each other\'s respective product portfolios.
The agreement will allow each company to provide a complete set of costs-
Provide effective cleaning and static elimination solutions for their customer base and provide the opportunity to migrate to new markets. Polymag Tek (PMT)
Recognized in designing and manufacturing catenary, paper and process roller cleaning solutions for the industry.
The company also provides contact cleaning rolls (CCRs)
, A full range of consumer goods for CCR services and support solutions, as well as products from competitors.
International electrostatic cleaning (SCI)
Is the supplier and manufacturer of static control products.
This product line serves the conversion and medical industries, including non-
Contact and contact network, electrostatic neutralization system, electrostatic Rod, power supply, ion blower, gun and nozzle, electrostatic charging equipment and electrostatic measuring equipment. HOP-
SYN synthetic paper meeting three environmental standards * beer flower industry for durable hops manufacturers
Syn synthetic paper company has announced that its synthetic paper series meets and exceeds CONEG (
Northeast governors Union), RoHS (
Limit harmful substances), andREACH (
Registration, assessment, authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).
Hop is verified to meet these standards-
Synthetic paper can be safely used for various packaging, labeling and printing applications.
It also demonstrates the continuous commitment of the Hop industry to sustainability in its manufacturing process and product supply.
\"Meet environmental standards including CONEG, RoHS and REACH to ensure the brand and its printing partners
\"The Syn print project meets sustainability requirements at all levels,\" commented Jack Smith, senior vice president of HopIndustries.
\"Supporting these environmental standards is very important for our customers and for us.
\"Unlike other durable substrates, the company says Hop-
Synthetic paper does not contain toxins, heavy metals and hard fats that are harmful to the environment. Hop-
Synthetic paper is a whole.
A layered sheet made of a mixture of polypropylene and calcium carbonate, 100% recyclable. The Hop-
The Syn substrate exceeds the compliance requirements of the RoHS directive.
RoHS limits the use of heavy metals and hazardous chemicals in consumer label and packaging. Hop-
Syn synthesis documents also exceed the regulations introduced by CONEG, which require a reduction in the content of four heavy metals (
Mercury, lead, cadmium and hexchromium)
Packaging and packaging components sold or distributed in participating countries. Hop-
Syn synthesis papers also exceed the compliance of EU regulation REACH, which deals with the production and use of chemicals and their potential impact on human health and the environment. H. B.
FULLER\'s acquisition of Royal Adhesives and sealant * HB.
Fuller has announced that it has signed an agreement to buy Royal Adhesives and sealant
Special adhesive and sealant.
The continued provision of this business is expected to increase H. \'S growth rate, EBITDA\'s profit margin and free cash flowB.
Fuller is a global leader in the adhesive industry.
H. Said: \"This active acquisition has accelerated the achievement of our strategic goal in 2020, that is, to focus on engineering adhesives and other highly defined segments, while surpassing ourB.
Owens, president and chief executive of Fuller.
\"With a strong Royal customer relationship and an experienced team, we will add depth and breadth to our portfolio.
Royal\'s complementary products will expand our business in North America, Europe and China and add new technologies and capabilities.
We have identified cost synergies of $35 million and growth synergies of $15 million, and due to the merger of these two great adhesive businesses, we expect to achieve these synergies over the next three years
After the transaction, H. B.
Fuller will buy bea for nearly $2.
Revenue of 9 billion, mainly focused on profitable growth in the market for attractive engineering, durable assembly and building adhesives.
\"The Royal Bank is expected to bring about $0. 65 billion in revenue to H and $0. 138 billion in adjusted EBITDAB.
Fuller\'s fiscal year
The company has 19 manufacturing plants in five countries and about 1,500 employees worldwide.
The agreed purchase price was $1. 575 billion as per the practice. H. B.
Fuller intends to finance the deal through new debt financing. H. B.
Fuller previously announced specific financial targets for organic growth, cash flow and EBITDA margin increases in the company\'s 2020 strategic plan, and believes that this acquisition will support acceleration and excess performance relative to these targets
The company said, \"Royal is a highly respected supplier of industrial adhesives in various end markets such as aerospace, transportation, commercial roofs, hollow glass, solar energy, packaging and floor applications.
Through this acquisition, H. B.
Fuller will acquire product technology and increase people and skills to create more capable and dynamic companies for customers and employees. H. B.
Fuller remains committed to using the large amount of free cash flow it expects to provide for this purpose to maintain its current dividend and rapid deleveraging.
Label technology complete the installation of pcmc fusion c flexopress * paper cutter company (PCMC)Part of Barry.
Wehmillerand, the designer and manufacturer of online and CI presses, announced that label technology is an experienced developer and manufacturer of flexible packaging, finished bags and labels that have been successfully installed
\"The addition of PCMC Fusion C will expand our capabilities to meet the continued growth in the market for flexible packaging and finished packaging while maintaining high
LabelTechnology is known for its quality products, \"said David Bankson, President and CEO of abel Technology.
\"The sustainability of Fusion C also has a big impact in our decision to choose this media.
\"Fusion C is loaded with rapid manufacturing-Preparation and waste
Features savings, smaller footprint, less parts
Save space and cost.
The product also offers accessibility and ease of use.
In addition, PCMC provides customers with commitment to quality and dedication to service.
The new Fusion C press adds additional flexibility to label technology
Packaging flexo printing press at the manufacturing location in Merced, California, USA, which is specially designed for food-
Safe operation and annual audit of food by a third party
Safe production.
The location also features lamination, slitting and bags-
Do operations.
Rich Stratz, sales manager of strategic customers, said: \"How honored is pcmc \'to continue to be able to use label technology ? \"
Printing of PCMC.
\"12 years ago, when this customer purchased our Evolution press, our relationship started.
We are excited about the choice of PCMC and Fusion C for the first central impression flexi printing press of label technology.
When we look for solutions for flexible packaging and finished products --
We know Fusion C is the right choice.
\"DURST named the first BETA site for the new TAU 330 rsc press * Durst, and DURST announced that the label manufacturer in the UK will become its new digital, high-speed, 8-
Color Tau330 RSC label Press.
The testing of the new Tau 330 RSC: UV inkjet label and packaging printing system has started at the label manufacturer in Bradford, Yorkshire.
The new inkjet label printing machine and Durst\'s newWeb2Print workflow were officially launched at the Labelexpo Durst booth in Brussels, Belgium.
David Webster, managing director, label manufacturers in the UK, commented, \"as we continue to grow our business into new and developing markets, Durst has been a very supportive partner with excellent technology.
As a pioneer, we have always wanted to stay ahead and be the first customer to install Tau 330 RSC is another big step forward for us.
\"I definitely think the future of label production is Inkjet and I\'m sure Labelexpo will prove that.
One of the main attractions to get the third head 330 is its printing speed up to 78 m/m.
Compared to other suppliers, the other has a significant improvement in quality, with a resolution of 1200x1200 dpicompared double, plus an extra green color.
This means we can cover the Pantone tone of 98%.
The increased speed and quality make the Durst Tau 330 RSC the most competitive flexible shoe.
We are confident that this new media will open more doors again as we continue to expand.
Helmmouth Munter, division manager at Durst Label & PackagePrinting, said, \"We have built a real partnership with David and his team for a long time.
We are proud and excited to announce that the label maker will be the first company to benefit from this new game --
Change Technology.
The system has unparalleled print speed and print quality, and it has aroused great interest before the official release of Labelexpo.
This is the perfect solution for laboratory converters looking for industrial scale digital printing solutions.
\"Tau 330 news feature 13 of Durst \"(330 mm)
Print width combined with cutting-edge printing speeds up to 245 fpm (78 m/m)
The print resolution is 1200x1200 dpi.
The production capacity of the publishing house reached 1. 485 [m. sup. 2]
Every hour, thanks to its eight color stations (CMYK+W+OVG)
It features a new design of high pigment ink, offering an excellent soft version look
With print quality close to the full range of 98% Pantonecolor.
Acquired by private equity firm * private equity firm Auxo Investment Partners, atlas die bernal has announced that atit has made its first acquisition through the acquisition of Atlas Die LLCand bernal llc, a two-market leader in mold manufacturing.
The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.
Atlas Die, based in Elkhart, USA, was founded in 1952.
RayMiller is in his basement.
With the development and introduction of laser technology in the mold manufacturing process, the company continued to revolutionize steel rule making, and later developed new flexible rotation decision-making capabilities.
Atlas Die continues to drive product development by providing solutions to complex cutting needs in consumer products, packaging, food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries.
The company has 160 employees in six factories in five states.
Founded in 1972, Bernal produces complex solid rotary pressure molds, extrusion cutting molds and high
Volume rotation conversion system for cutting, food processing, folding carton, special bandage and alcohol swab and other complex products.
Bernal\'s technical engineering transformation is keen, combined with its professional precision processing capabilities, to provide manufacturing solutions for complex production challenges in various terminal markets, including consumer goods and special materials, provide food and beverage applications to customers around the world.
Bernal employs 64 team members at Rochester Hills, Michigan.
Jeff helminsky, managing partner at Auxo, said: \"We are pleased that these two market-leading companies with a long history and outstanding reputation are our first acquisitions . \".
\"We see ourselves as the manager of the founding partner capital and the legacy of portfolio companies, owners and team members.
So we are honored to have the opportunity to help the team at Atlas Die and Bernal reach their full potential by making Dragons
Provide professional operational and strategic support.
Jack Kolodny, managing partner at Auxo, added, \"We see a huge opportunity to further develop and expand the scale of Atlas Die and Bernal and drive sales and revenue growth.
We are also actively looking for other deals and we believe in our unique handson, long-
The termination of the investment method will bring returns to our investors and new portfolio companies.
Industry veteran Ken Smott will also serve as CEO of Atlas dinar and Bernal, adding that, \"Auxo is the ideal partner to support the next chapter of atlas \'and Bernal\'s continued growth in supporting customers and employees.
\"The Nova film and foil pick VETAPHONE * is located in Bede, oh usa, the Nova film and foil acustomized coating and conversion services industry offers a wide range of asgraphic arts to the electronics and industrial market.
Company and its 13-
The strong workforce is led by Rick Huskey, Larry Meinen and BruceAllaben, who bring their professionals to a range of possibilities (or may not)
Conduct comprehensive commercial production elsewhere.
At present, more than 70% of the company\'s output is customized work.
\"Our compact size and experience enable us to provide the flexibility that large manufacturers need, but not deliver without sacrificing technical knowledge
How about a big company?
\"Explain it.
\"We have succeeded in producing creative solutions where big companies have tried, tried and failed, or are unwilling to try.
We don\'t automatically say no to crazy ideas.
\"In the case of emphasis on quality, if Nova films and foil are to meet the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, it is necessary to carefully select its technology.
\"Our staff here are both highly skilled and flexible, and most people have the ability
Perform tasks on at least four machines.
By reducing costs and increasing productivity, we have enjoyed a stable year --on-
\"The annual growth rate is about 15%,\" he added . \"
Since at least 50% of the work required corona treat, the company searched the market for the most reliable technology and clicked on the Vetaphone, which invented the process at 1950 s, since then, surface treatment technology has been created.
A new coating machine layer press was installed in 2014, highlighting the need for high quality Corona treatment, as well as the single, double-
The side unit is mounted on a 65 \"wide machine capable of accommodating 600 fpm.
\"We chose Vetaphone because it was very competitive in price.
\"It also looks better in design and design, and we believe we made the right choice,\" Allaben commented . \".
In particular, the Corona device is praised for its small footprint and ease of integration into the new coating line.
\"The design of the electrode box is easy to clean and maintain, and any after-sales support we need is very fast and efficient,\" he added . \"
Technical support-
It is available from Vetaphone at most.
According to Huskey, on a range of substrates, the orona processor reaches a consistent level of dyne, which enables the company to develop new products and respond more positively to the needs of its customers.
\"It gives us more confidence in the products we are selling --
\"I sleep better at night,\" he said . \".
The work handled by Nova is critical to strict tolerances and consistent performance so that any future commercial production quality matches the prototype work produced.
The treated materials range from a very high surface tension of 50 dynes/sq/cm or more (such as metal) to a rating of 35-
45 cause, such as polyester, vinyl and nylon, with a rating of 35 cause or less, including PE, PP and pva.
Working with CW4 K to provide services for Hurricane Harvey disaster reliefCW4K)
And international ink companies.
The coalition forces urgently transported drinking water to help with the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey.
A truck of 52,800, 12-
The Red Cross distribution center near Houston, Texas, USA received fresh purified water.
Hurricane Harvey entered the landfill for the first time in August 25, and caused a devastating blow to the Gulf Coast of Texas. A multiple-
Dayevent, a 130-mile-per-hour level 4 storm, is the most powerful hurricane that has hit the United States in more than a decade.
The losses caused by strong winds, heavy rains and record-breaking floods displaced more than 30,000 people and rescued more than 17,000 people.
The impact of Hurricane Harvey will continue to affect southeast Texas.
Fortunately, the humanitarian efforts of companies such as CW4 K and CBC are helping the efforts there.
\"This is the first of many trucks we would like to send,\" said Greg Stromberg, CEO of water charity at CannedWater4Kids.
\"We did not help.
This is the right thing to do because clean, safe drinking water is a valuable resource.
It was not until it disappeared that people realized its value.
\"We are doing our part as a good corporate citizen,\" commented Renee Schouten, marketing director at Groupon.
\"It\'s important to serve people in good times and bad times.
Providing clean water to communities in crisis will help to recover, hoping to give some comfort to those in need.
Stromberg added, \"coordinating and funding water supply is a team effort.
Without the help of INX International and the Red Cross, it is impossible for us to do this.
Their help and support is incredible.
\"CW4 K is no stranger to disaster relief.
Whether it\'s the earthquake in Japan and Haiti, or Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey in 2012, or the help of lead --
The contaminated municipal water supply system in the city of MI Flint, where the 501c3 charity provides 12-
Ounces of aluminum beverage cans.
THEIJC, the world\'s largest inkjet event, came to the United States * TheIJC announced that it will hold its first American edition on April 12-
2018, located in Chicago, IL, Hotel westno Haier.
With more than 40% of exhibition space already booked, organizers are looking forward to bringing technology and educational displays, as well as networking opportunities, to the United States.
More than 300 attendees are expected: OEMs, suppliers, developers, engineers, chemists, researchers and brand owners.
Ijc is an association of professional printing manufacturers in Europe (ESMA)
Digital Direct technology with Drucker
World printing technology exhibition.
The first European version was launched in 2014, and since then, the conference has experienced sustained growth in the number of individual attendees and companies that come to learn and exchange industrial inkjet advances.
\"TheIJC has to build its own reputation, but the concept of\" platform \"has proven to be very effective ---
It combines a work arena filled with exhibitor desktops and two display tracks.
The number of exhibitors and delegates has increased over the years, and the current European version will have three display venues and 80 exhibitor booths.
There are now 500 participants and we are ready to expand the concept.
The key advantages of the conference are still education on all aspects of inkjet technology, as well as excellent networking and business opportunities, \"explains esma ceo Peter boutines.
Participants in the United States can look forward to the presentation of experts-
From industry and academia-
Explore how inkjet technology affects the manufacturing process today and tomorrow.
\"For inkjet engineering and inkjet chemistry, this is TheIJC,\" said SteveKnight, a joint company . \"
Founder of TheIJC
\"Our goal is to expand our understanding of the broad themes that make up inkjet, and our guidelines for exhibitors are to cover a technical theme to audiences with different technical or scientific backgrounds.
We will learn about the development of the latest print head, ink parts and finished ink, laboratory equipment for measurement and analysis, curing and drying systems, software electronics and integration, visual system for digital printing image inspection and verification.
This is indeed a focus of widespread concern.
With inkjet technology being adopted in manufacturing from packaging to 3d printing, understanding the requirements of core technologies is critical to the successful implementation of this disruptive technology.
\"Spain\'s CONVER with Domino * Barcelona-
Domino N610i UV inkjet label printing machine based on Conver Autoadhesivos SA has been very successful recently, marking its first step into the digital printing world.
Founded in 1964, the company specializes in the printing industry.
Adhesive Labels for industrial and commercial distribution, aglobal customer base is spread across a variety of industries.
It includes chemical, industrial, automotive, household products, personal care, food and beverages, and transportation and logistics.
The company uses a variety of different printing technologies to provide customers with a comprehensive labeling solution, from simple product labeling applications to cardboard, heat, electricity
Magnetic and RFID security tags, roll and shrink sleeves via wireless.
\"In response to increased customer demand for shorter printers and shorter lead times, it is clear that it is no longer economical to continue running these jobs on flexo printers, said David brugara, general manager of conver: \"We realized it was time to start our digital adventure. \".
After reviewing the different digital printing technologies available, Conver decided that inkjet printing was the most appropriate and costly
Most of it exists as an effective solution for short-and medium-term work.
It will complement Conver\'s existing technology and expand by opening up new business opportunities in the future.
\"After a thorough study of the inkjet market, we chose 5-
Color Domino N610i label printing press due to its excellent print quality, high productivity and cost-
Effective production costs . \"
\"The high opacity of white ink will also enable us to transfer the work to our previous silk-like Domino Printing Press --screenprinted.
Domino\'s extensive experience in developing and manufacturing proven and reliable inkjet technologies is another key factor in our decision-making.
On July 31, upm raflatac\'s terminal in Cape Town, South Africa achieved a seven-year security milestone with no time loss incident.
\"We take the attitude of being our brother\'s keeper ---
Everyone has a responsibility to be vigilant against each other, \"said Sean Van Wick, production director, Cape Town Pier, UPMRaflatac, South Africa.
This success is the result of raising their safety awareness by engaging all employees in a variety of safety activities.
This includes, among other things, conducting safe conversations and walks at day-to-day meetings with team members, or engaging employees in pre-
Job analysis, based on their past experience, helps determine how work can be done safely.
In addition, by minimizing the work in the operation of the forklift or installing cages when the machine is started and run to prevent access to re-organize the work area, which undoubtedly helps the UPM Raflatac staff to work safely
Sean Simmons, terminal operations manager, UPM Raflatac South Africa, said: \"my future plan is to eliminate all manual operations on our terminals and ensure that we continue to improve our work safety . \".
The safety milestone is mainly due to the establishment of a system that allows employees to actively participate in safety;
Start with the basicPPE check-
Create a safe working environment for everyone.
Further development of a safety culture requires re-training
Was assessed to make future plans in this matter.
\"Congrats to the Cape Town team,\" said Laura kemens, director of health, safety and environment at UPM Raflatac.
\"When such a milestone is reached, we stop remembering and truly appreciate the day --to-
The efforts of a team to protect other security.
It\'s a proud moment for you and an inspiration for most of us.
I wish you more LTA-free years.
\"Rotary measurement has opened a new factory in Suzhou, China * rotary measurement company, a manufacturer of flexible and reliable rotary tools, has announced the opening of a brand new website and technology center, located at 105, Building 2, 168 Shengpu Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, China.
The new facility has expanded rotmi\'s commitment to development and services in mainland China.
The new location is supported by a staff member of six rotary measurement employees.
The plant will have a dedicated sales force, technical support staff, a conversion technology center and a solid mold repair department.
Paul McKay, general manager of RotoMetrics Asia commented, \"We have been here for almost a year and have found the perfect location for our new China website.
We spoke with our customers and asked them what they needed in regional support that other rotary tools companies could not provide.
The facility will provide customer-requested services and support, including a strong mold repair center opened in the early 2018 S, which can be reopened quickly
Grind and repair the rd300 solid mold for rotation measurement.
In addition, we also offer a conversion technology center where customers can come to find out the latest developments in rotary mold applications and training opportunities so that our customers can get the best printing performance.
Finally, this location brings us closer to our Chinese customers and places a key resource in the area where our customers do business.
\"The Ivory Coast printer chooses Neil Peter fave
6 * The Ivory Coast flexible packaging printer is installed with Nilpeter FA-
6 * flexo printing press to meet the growing demand for adhesive labels, sleeves and packaging labels in the market.
The move aims to further consolidate its position as one of the fastest growing companies in Africa\'s flexible packaging and food packaging industry.
Sociack is located in the City of Abilene, Ivory Coast, and is mainly committed to high
High-quality flexible packaging in the cosmetics industry, personal hygiene, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.
President sociack Hassan Abdallah is choosing theNilpeter FA-
6 * Press \"to ensure the highest level of quality to meet the trend of short-term growth
Produce new, innovative and integrated packaging designs and deliver targeted custom orders. \" With the 8-
Color newbotai FA-
6 *, the first label printing machine in the sociack machine Park, the company has expanded its product portfolio, including high
Quality labels, sleeves and packaging. The FA-
6 * enables printers to achieve the most streamlined performance in today\'s competitive market for laminated products, packaging labels, bags, shrink sleeves, etc.
Nilpeter\'s representative in the region, BLC International, has a strong sales and service organization in Abidjan.
Local support and backup are critical to sociack and this skill is proven during installation ---
The press has been \"plug and play \"---
There was no problem with sociack.
The company is already considering the acquisition of a second FA-
In the near future.
Dominoes expand in Asia
Domino * Domino digital printing solutions are investing in Asia
Drive sales and meet growing labeling needs.
The company appointed Mario Fenton as director of digital printing solutions for the region, leading sales in Asia and building a service and support team as the company expanded its existing K-
Series digital printer, added N-
Series of digital color labeling machines for Asia.
According to the company, pressure-sensitive labels strengthen their position as a leading label format in the Asian market, with avolume at 8. 767 billion in 2016.
This figure accounts for 43% of the world\'s demand.
Asia\'s economy is expected to grow by 6 in 2016.
2%, compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 6. 3% in 2017-2019.
Domino\'s expansion in Hong Kong-
Based on the team being part of the line
Long-term plan to increase its multi-functional, cost-effective sales
High quality inkjet printers enter Asia.
Installation base about 250-
There are already 300 monochrome printers in the area, N610ihigh-
Speed digital color label press is a complement to domino\'s existing monochrome printer portfolio that has been sold to Asia.
Direct responsibility for a growing team of 10 people (
Composed of sales staff and engineers)
Fanton is responsible for promoting domino\'s current range of inkjet printers, introducing new piezo DOD products, managing existing distributors, and developing new sales channels.
He has worked in Domino for 12 years and has worked as digital printing product manager and digital printing department manager in the company.
Speaking about the growth opportunities offered by the region, Fenton said, \"brand owners are adopting new technologies faster and faster, enabling them to deliver more valuable content to their customers.
Domino\'s K-and N-
The series provides them with a tool to effectively manage shorter runs, using enhanced print effects such as \"Domino textures\" to create more perceptions and product distinctions, while
Changes in consumer buying behavior and population density in Asia have further driven the growth of self-consumption
[Adhesive label for overall demand of labelm. sup. 2]
Per capita is expected from [3]m. sup. 2]to 8[m. sup. 2].
\"Working with our distributors to increase leadership, sales and support teams to meet N-Series and K-
A series of printers for our local customers.
Demand for fast and efficient
High quality inkjet label printers capable of keeping up with production growth are on the rise.
\"Partners without screens
I * Screen have signed a cooperation agreement with No-Me.
The agreement includes the distribution of screen Truepress Jet l350 uv series label printers in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark.
\"The new partnership will guarantee Screen\'s customers a fast and skilled technical service and over 30-
Years of experience. Glenn buttery, None
I\'m general manager.
\"As a growing company looking to expand its digital technology business, this is an important partnership for us.
Inkjet technology has gained great interest in recent years and we are pleased to work with industry leaders such as screens.
Screen Truepress Jet l350 uv and Truepress Jet l350 uv LMboth both offer high performance, reliable printing speeds up to 60 m/m, and by adding support for special orange ink in traditional CMYK and white ink, the reproduction of wider color range is realized.
Truepress Jet l350 uv LM also brings an unparalleled level of functionality to the production of food packaging labels.
The printing machine consists of low migration for accelerating UV ink curing, further preventing ink migration and UV odor, and using newly developed (
Low penetration)
Ink for enhanced safety.
Buttery concluded, \"The screen is the leader in inkjetdigital printing, and with the launch of the Truepress Jet l350 uv series, the screen has become a reference Company for manufacturing self-service digital pressesadhesivelabels. For No-
I think working with Screen is a noteworthy step in the right direction for our company.
Scandinavia is an increasingly important screen market.
We have confirmed no.
I am a distributor that matches our ambitions and our hopes of success in the region.
The launch of Truepress Jet l50uv LM opens up new opportunities for developing relationships for new customers, and we are happy not
I can remember that.
Prior to the European Labelexpo, AWA Alexander Watson\'s released a new market analysis, the AWA global pressure sensitive LabelMarket Study 2017.
The fourth edition of this established labeling technology demonstrates the fact that while this format does face competition today for other labeling and packaging options, it still achieved 3 in 2016
9% more than prioryear--
More than the entire label market. -
Still holds 40% market share.
The report states that Asia is currently the main region for pressure-sensitive labeling needs, surpassing developed markets in Europe and North America;
And the largest end of the format-
Globally, food labeling accounted for 27% per cent of 2016
Main product label.
However, as Corey M. Leiden, President and CEO of Ava Alexander Watson, commented, \"variable information printing (VIP)
Labels are a strong growth area for multi-functional pressure sensitive labels that meet the growing requirements of today\'s transport and logistics activities, not only in terms of track --and-
Inventory and inventory management, and tor product certification-
For example, RFID-enabled labels.
\"More importantly, online consumer buying activities continue to drive the development and use of VIP labels,\" he added . \".
\"In terms of the existing application technology, the adaptability of the pressure sensitive label is also very strong, and the winch can be based on the hand.
Heldlabel printer for bulk serialization of individual packages on labelpress.
\"The report reviews all the endings --
Market using PS tags, set them at height-
The background of the whole product decoration technology platform.
AWA\'s Reardon said: \"Although the glue application label still has a large number of uses worldwide, the evolving technology now has a huge market share and is in-
The mold label is still a niche but the market is growing. Direct-to-
Container digital printing is an area of concern, flexible packaging has the ability to completely change the entire product packaging market.
\"AWA regularly publishes comprehensive reports on the labeling and product decoration markets, defining areas and application opportunities for all label formats.
AWA focuses on the special paper, film, packaging, coating and conversion industries and provides a complement to market research, activities, business development and consulting services.
Smart sensors and functional inks are about to enter the consumer goods market, for example, consumers will be able to purchase, and digital beer will be able to provide information about the product itself and its production stage with the help of smart code and sensors embedded in the product.
Following the collaboration between the Finnish VTT technology research center and UpCode, Finland\'s first consumer goods introduced sensors and functional inks in the form of additional information, by the end of this year, the safety and entertainment of the products will be improved.
Traceability and solutions for entertainment will soon be part of our daily lives.
\"For example, smart sensors attached to the abeer bottle label know If beer is suitable for consumption, brewing and brewing environments of beer,\" LiisaHakola explains . \", The code in the project manager atVTT/\"tag also introduces readers to how to improve the life of the product, as well as the direct communication channels between consumers and manufacturers.
\"This solution will bring significant changes to the brand of the product, because it not only supports product customization, but also supports consumers --
\"Directing production and distribution, thus increasing the added value of the digital market,\" said Sture Udd of upcodc\' sceo . \".
Technicott launches Tech 25 for custom label ordering printers and converters and can now order custom as low as 2,500-
Coat technicott reel label products.
This project started at 2017.
Russ Pletcher, president of technicott commented, \"decision to reduce the minimum order volume for customization --
The coat material is heard by the customer.
We hear from many customers that if they can order a much lower custom product, their needs can be better met in the industrycoat minimums.
Therefore, we have developed processes and procedures to do so.
\"The new policy is valid for all products of more than 40 000 custom coat products in technicette throughout the product line.
\"On customization, as low as 2,500 \'will not be charged extra
No change in coat order, service and time.
We want to provide the simplest and most efficient products for our customers in the market.
Whether it is simplifying inventory management or meeting very special needs, we believe that we have a market --
Leading products and honored to work with so many excellent customers
\"Quantity, quick turnaround orders,\" said Ed Klene, marketing director . \".
The Tech25 program is designed specifically for the volume lab.
Technicott continues to offer other premium services including free stock and trim products, customer specific items, Sil Techliners, Westfield sheeted products and best servicein-
Technical support.
Hamilton adhesive label switch to pure tone UV Flexo Ink UK-
The professional label printer based on Hamilton adhesive label adopts a pure tone UV Flexo Ink System for pulse roller label products to support its measurement and control concept and hopes to achieve excellence in printing. As a family-
It is one of the leading independent converters in the UK.
Hamilton adhesive label has set the goal of providing a predictive printing system for the \"first time\" while lifting the printing process to the highest possible level of quality.
The drill under the title of \"measurement and control\" is comprehensive. Mono-
In the laboratory and printing conditions, the traditional systems of other ink companies were tested for coloring inks.
Aniox technology is reviewed and validated based on its perceived benefits, and sheet technology is tested for all top suppliers.
Hamilton adhesive label has invested a lot of money in new equipment and scientific tools to support this plan, and in ink, pure products have become successful winners, and pulse coil label products have therefore been appointed
The change to pure tone means that the Hamilton adhesive label has now reached the highest print quality for the first time.
Built a more efficient manufacturing process around pure tone concept and digital ink management
As part of a complete solution-
Accepted and adopted throughout the Hamilton adhesive label.
Paul Larkin, director of operations at Hamilton adhesive label, said, \"The innovative idea of PureTone fits well with our measurement and control philosophy.
Our attitude towards quality and productivity is unique.
With its pure tone UVflexo ink system, pulse roll label products provide an important link to our desire to achieve the highest quality level, while improving our competitive edge in the market.
UV Flexo Ink system, from high strength, month-
Color Craft series and Mono
Pigmented ulse Roll label products are developed in conjunction with the latest pre-press technology to provide a comprehensive color management solution for the narrow network market.
This allows Hamilton to perform consistent color matching and a closer Delta E readingson each time. Hamilton\'s on-
Site kitchen with X
Ritespectrometer and inkformula software (IFS)
As well as pre-printing equipment for RK printing coating instruments.
The mesh roller is regularly maintained and cleaned and accurately calibrated for each press to provide consistent color density.
All of this saves ink consumption, reduces waste, and thus improves efficiency, resulting in long-term
Long term cost savings.
Sebastian Bolingbrook, production director, confirmed that it was a very easy transition from the company\'s existing inksupplier to the pulse roll label product.
\"Since our ink lab is calibrated according to pressure conditions, we have seen a lot of waste discharge,\" he said . \".
Label technology added the laserox mesh roller cleaning system label technology from Eaglewood, a label and flexible packaging manufacturer based in California, USA, has purchased from Eaglewood Technologies
The Laserox system will serve newPCMC 10
Color media and traditional media
New winding machine in flexible packaging factory.
According to Dave Bankson, President and CEO of Label Technology, \"We chose the laserox system because there are no consumables and it is easy to clean multiple sizes of rolls in one unit.
We are very satisfied with the cleanliness of the rolls after the laser system is cleaned.
\"The laser system uses advanced laser technology and Point Technology
Edge software package.
Eaglewood Tech provides a sustainable mesh cleaning solution for all parts of flexo printing.
Primera in Poland installs the first MarkAndy Digital One series in continental Europe-
Primera Polska has invested in the MarkAndy Digital One label Press.
The unit has been installed in the primera Zory production facility located in the southern part of Poland.
The company was originally a printing brokerage company and later began to produce short editions.
Running the label in 2012, decided to increase the capacity of 500 runs
Print labels 4-5,000color process.
After a visit to mark Andy\'s European showroom and demonstration facilities in Warsaw, the company ordered a digital printing machine, which provides the printing of CMYK toner and the online flexo printing unit, used as a stand-alone radio station for varnish or cold foil.
The team calls it \"Madox\" and their digital label presshas has increased capacity by 800% since May.
According to Primera, this enables the company to provide 24-
Most work hours lead time.
The company has a strict policy to retain spare capacity for itspremier customers and has a selection of hot product portfolios
After the label works, it needs to be kept very carefully.
At present, the electronic cigarette market accounts for a large part of its total business.
The tags in this section are usually in a smaller format and require a very precise type.
The excellent registration of Digital One is a great addition to this type of work, making it an ideal solution to support primera\'s needs.
According to co-
Owner Sylwia Dudek, \"The main benefit of the number is that it can handle sub-layers of various standards without the need to pre-treatment -
There is no \"click\" fee to pay, the only thing we pay is cheap toner.
\"Mark Andy also has a very low power requirement that only 220Vof single phase power is required during full powerProduction mode.
\"Our monthly electricity consumption has barely increased since we installed it,\" she added . \".
Her husband, Miroslaw Dudek, who is in charge of the technical aspects of the company, quickly praised the versatility of numbers.
From relaxation, network cleaning to CMYK Digital printing, the printing press is easy to understand and operate from the central touch screen panel, he said.
He explained: \"The flexo station allows us to paint or add special colors, and the laminate unit allows us to use unlined materials.
There is a UV lamp for curing, and the rotary mold station uses a magnetic mold that is easy to replace.
After that, the matrix was removed and the completed network was re-wound
It\'s very simple, and it\'s all one-off.
\"The key to marking Andy to ensure order security is that the digital one is a full-
Includes label production solutions for online printing and finishing at affordable prices.
Typically, Primera uses digital label presses to produce 125,000 labels of 200 different designs in less than two hours.
This complex, highly automated work portfolio keeps 12 employees of the company busy, of which 5 are employed in the digital factory and 7 are employed in a nearby factory
Flexible machine based on and UV.
Schreiner lead seal Schreiner world\' sfirst, which is guaranteed to develop printable pressure compensation, guarantees what it calls line printing, steam injection
Pressure-resistant compensation seals (PCS).
The new pc was developed through a joint project with one of the car manufacturers, which has top-notch films for custom printing using heat transfer (TTR)
It is feasible to print it as an information label or nameplate.
PCS high protect provides risk solutions for OEMs and suppliers of automotive OEMs that are suitable for customized online printing, enabling them to eliminate process steps and save related materials and maintenance costs.
In this way, PCs play a dual role of identification and protection while simplifying production.
The pressure compensation seal is a waterproof breathable film used to drain the electronic housing, similar to the valve.
The membrane ensures effective pressure compensation while preventing water, dust or dirt from invading the shell.
Although the height is extremely small, strong pc high protection products can even withstand industrial use
Steam jet cleaning machine.
The pressure compensation seal has not been printed so far.
SaysAdrian Marggraf said: \"When the customer specifically asked if printing was possible, we developed a suitable solution in a few months and are now also able to secure it to other customer product managers shreina.
Due to its customized design, the PC has a high degree of protection function visually and can be used as a tag.
Although the ventilation hole of the pressure compensation film is very small-
Necessary to release heat during the operation of electronic equipment--
Not shown through wear-
The Pc still effectively meets its original protection purpose.
Marggraf sums up the advantages: \"Our modular concept of printable pressure compensation seals makes it possible to combine v
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