Introduction of three printing processes of leather digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
The digital printing machine prints directly on the object! The precision of the leather printing machine is close to that of photos, no plate making, fast printing and low cost. It is equipped with professional color management software, which can change the color anytime and anywhere without paying additional costs. The operation is simple and only needs 30 minutes to master, making fine products without professionalism. Skill. One-step completion, print and take, to meet the needs of quick sample out of finished products. This leather printer is currently the most practical type of printing method on leather. The fineness of the pattern and the visual effect are not comparable to other methods. This process is suitable for printing light-colored leather and has high efficiency. 3. UV printing: UV leather printers are actually improved on the basis of eco-solvent leather printing machines. Compared with printers, this digital printing machine achieves three functions: 1. It can print white ink, so this This kind of leather printing machine can print dark leather. 2. Equipped with UV system, it can be printed and dried, which is very convenient. 3. It can be embossed three-dimensional effect.
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