Introduction to the function of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
The T-shirt printing machine is actually a large digital inkjet printer, and then it is changed to paint ink, and the pattern is sprayed on the clothes through the T-shirt printer, combined with the paint and ink printing process, the color will not be washed off. The effect is indeed very good. In a nutshell, the garment printing machine is essentially an inkjet printer. 2. The function of the garment printing machine The printer adopts digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine printing, which can control the color difference in a relatively small range; it can achieve the color fastness that people want; it can complete environmentally friendly manufacturing, which is very socially focused; It can be operated by one computer, one press printing machine, one machine and one computer for one person. 3. How to choose a digital direct-injection T-shirt printer 1. First, we have to see whether it is a garment printing machine manufacturer. If so, we can see its assembly machine production workshop. If the factory is out of town or in another place, these are all It is deceptive. 2. Next, look at its technical after-sales service. There are several direct-jet T-shirt printing machine accessories, ink consumables and the like. Anything lacking in the future can be immediately shipped by T-shirt printing machine manufacturers. 3. Choosing a good T-shirt printer depends on whether technical training can be provided. 4. What is the printing speed of the garment printing machine, and the accuracy of the nozzle can not reach the request of the color card. All these need to be provided by our T-shirt printing machine. 4. Give everyone an introduction to a very easy-to-use digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine Yanyan garment printing machine It is a cost-effective domestic T-shirt printer, 5113 double-head, printing accuracy 720*1440dpi 45 square meters/hour , Active cleaning, export linear guide, super alloy beam, platform.
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