Is it easy to get started with the operation process of the cotton direct-injection digital printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
The operation process of the digital printing machine is still very simple, and it is quick to learn. It can be roughly divided into four steps: sizing, printing, fixing, and spraying softener. The cotton printing process should be no simpler than this. Let's talk about it in detail below: 1. Sizing and sizing are pre-treatment, that is, spraying the pre-treatment liquid. In principle, the cotton direct-injection digital printing machine does not need sizing, but if it is not sizing, the color of the paint ink will be vivid. There is still a gap with reactive digital printing. The effect of direct spraying on sizing cotton cloth is not inferior to reactive digital printing. The sizing requires a special sizing machine. There is no trick. The temperature and speed are adjustable. Just make sure that the sizing is uniform and the treatment liquid on the fabric is dried. The uneven sizing effect is not good, and the treatment liquid is easy to scatter when printing is not dried. . 2. The printing step requires the operator to have a bit of drawing skills. Of course, some customers directly give AI and other high-definition pictures. In this case, even the drawing is saved. The rest is to load and unload, and put the cloth. Cloth receiving and drying are done automatically by a direct-injection digital printing machine for cotton. As for the quality of the printing effect, the ink must be matched, the curve must be matched, and the fabric must have a high cotton content. These factors are generally printed. A very beautiful effect. 3. The color fixation generally uses a tunnel furnace. This is also foolish. What the operator has to do is to load and unload. The cloth is placed and collected automatically by the machine. The temperature and speed are also adjustable, generally 150 The drying time of about 5 minutes at a high temperature of ℃ is enough. Of course, different fabrics may have a slight deviation in time and temperature. This is more based on experience, so a long-term illness becomes a good doctor. This is how you practice it. 4. After softening, sizing, spraying ink, and over high temperature, the hand feel of cotton cloth will be slightly hardened. In order to restore its softness and provide better hand feeling, it is necessary to spray softener. After spraying softener, cotton cloth The feel is restored.
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