Is the cotton canvas digital printing machine easy to operate?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
The digital printing machine has simple craftsmanship and foolish operation. It is difficult to say that it is really a sad hurdle for people who do not understand computers. Let me first discuss why the operation of the cotton canvas digital printing machine is very simple. The cotton canvas printing uses paint ink, which is a digital direct injection printing. The process is very simple and the process is very short. The entire process is: pretreatment ->Printing->Fixing, the operation of each step is fixed, there are not too many skills to master and learn, the automatic degree of the digital printing machine is very high, a few switches and function keys are reduced, which can be operated There are really not many places, generally you can learn it in one hour, so the operation of the cotton canvas digital printing machine is very simple. It is said that the cotton canvas digital printing machine is difficult to operate, so where is it difficult? If you want the pattern effect printed on cotton canvas to be very beautiful, it is not enough to operate the machine, and you must also retouch the picture, because in many cases, the customer gives a pattern or a picture with low definition. If you print out directly without processing, the effect will definitely be a mess. If the operator does not understand the computer, it will be very troublesome. You must learn the basic operation of the computer and the use of PHOTOSHOP. In this case, it will be difficult. NS. Therefore, the operation of digital printing on cotton canvas is difficult and difficult, simple and simple. It mainly depends on the basics of the operator. If the operator of the machine is very proficient in computer operation and the use of PHOTOSHOP, then it is true. It's very simple. If you don't understand these, the operators need to learn the use of computers and PHOTOSHOP first. How long they can learn to learn depends on their personal abilities.
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