Is the longer the cotton digital T-shirt printing machine, the better?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
T-shirt printing machines are usually three to six meters long, but many customers often like to lengthen the machine to nine meters, twelve meters, eighteen meters, twenty-four meters, etc. Let’s first analyze why customers have such an idea: For customers like this, they used to do treadmill printing, that is, traditional hand printing. The printing table is dozens of meters long, and a cotton T-shirt or A piece of pure cotton, after scraping the pulp, it needs to be aired almost before scraping the second color. It takes a lot of time to scrape from the starting point of the treadmill to the end, and then come back to scrape the next color. At that time, the color of the last scratch has been almost dried, and the longer the treadmill is, the higher the printing efficiency will be. Therefore, it is customary for the boss of traditional handicrafts like this to print directly to the digital. During the transition, the inertia thought that the longer the cotton digital direct injection machine, the better. Actually not, why? Analyze from the following aspects: 1. The longer the cost of the pure cotton digital T-shirt printing machine, the higher the price, and naturally, the higher the investment risk. In terms of economic cost, a long pure cotton digital T-shirt printing machine is not advisable. 2. The stability of the machine. It is impossible to make a machine too long directly. Super-long machines are usually connected by six meters and six meters. The pure cotton digital T-shirt printing machine spliced u200bu200blike this, if the platform is complete The level of consistency is impossible. The smoothness of the butt joints between each section will be affected more or less. In addition, vibration and loosening of the connecting parts after a long period of time will increase this error. , The more likely there is to be inaccurate placement. Third, the longer the indirect cost of the machine, the larger the packaging, the higher the freight, and the larger the workshop, so it invisibly brings a lot of unnecessary expenses cost. So how many meters should the length of the pure cotton digital T-shirt printing machine be? I will give you a detailed introduction in the next article.
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