Is the salary of the digital printing machine high?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
For digital printing machine operators, the salary is average. For Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan, it is about four thousand. I don’t know about other places. If you are a computer color master, the salary is much higher. A good digital The salary of the color master of the printing machine can be up to 20,000. As mentioned earlier, there are only two types of work for the digital printing machine, one is a digital printing machine operator and the other is a digital printing machine colorist. So is the salary high for operating a digital printing machine? The technology of digital printing machine operators is relatively simple. It can be said that there is basically no threshold. You can recruit individuals at will, and training for half a day will be OK. But even so, the salary of operating a digital printing machine is not low, basically at four thousand. Left and right, compared to general workers on the assembly line, the income is pretty good. How can digital printing machine operators increase their wages? In other words, how can the career planning of digital printing machine operators be done? It can be developed as a maintenance engineer for digital printing machines. Digital printing machines are like humans and will fail. At this time, the opportunity will come. Observe how engineers deal with failures, think hard, use their brains, and see more. Natural practice can make a living. The salary of a digital printing machine maintenance engineer can reach more than 6000. Even higher. Is the salary of a colorist for a digital printing machine high? Because the color printed by the digital printing machine itself has a certain error, coupled with different reasons such as fabrics, it is necessary to fine-tune the effect through toning, which will test the basic skills of the colorist’s design and art, and Experience is also very important, so a good color master must not only have excellent basic skills in art design, but also have very rich experience, but there are still relatively few very powerful color masters, and they have been in a state of short supply, so The salary of the color master of the digital printing machine has been in a state of rising.
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