Is the white ink of the direct-injection T-shirt printing machine easy to block the nozzle?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Is the white ink of the T-shirt printing machine easy to block the nozzle? In fact, there is no problem with the white ink itself. The clogging of the white ink nozzle is generally caused by improper operation, improper maintenance, and unreasonable mechanical design. Under normal circumstances, the life of the white ink nozzle is no problem after more than one year. 1. Improper operation. When the T-shirt printing machine is printing, the distance between the nozzle and the clothes is about 3mm. During operation, such as accidentally rubbing the nozzle on the clothes, the treatment liquid on the clothes reacts with the residual white ink on the surface of the nozzle and blocks it. This should be the most common type of improper operation. The second is that when the height of the nozzle is adjusted, the nozzle is accidentally brought into contact with the treatment liquid on the clothes to block the nozzle. This probability is relatively less. 2. Improper maintenance T-shirt printing machine requires diligent maintenance. Turn on the printer to check the status of the print head, turn off the ink pad to check whether there is moisturizing fluid and whether the print head is closed with the ink pad, these are all necessary, if you connect these most basic Without maintenance, let alone the white ink nozzles, the color ink nozzles will often block up. In fact, most of the T-shirt printing machines are not doing well enough in maintenance. At present, most of the direct-injection T-shirt printing machines are mostly small and medium-sized companies or individual entrepreneurs, personnel, equipment, etc. Management is relatively lacking. 3. The unreasonable mechanical design is particularly important, because even if the mechanical design is not well done, no matter how well you operate and maintain it, it will block the nozzle. If the first two points are human factors, then This is to test the Ru0026D capabilities of T-shirt printing machine manufacturers. Many T-shirt printing machines have not been developed, and they don’t even draw pictures. So it’s impossible to do this basic skill well, so I’m buying T-shirt printing. When setting up the machine, we must make a key inspection of the strength of the manufacturer.
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