It is difficult for digital printing machines to completely replace manual printing in a short period of time

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
Where is the digital printing machine strong? What is the difference from traditional printing machine? Can digital printing machines completely replace manual printing in a short period of time? The possibility is very small, because although manual printing is not environmentally friendly, it is irreplaceable in some areas. The first difference lies in the literal meaning of digital and traditional, which is not difficult to understand. At present, the applicable fields of digital printing machines include clothing, apparel, home textiles, decorations, advertising cloth, banners, flags, umbrellas, luggage, shoes, hats, toys, paper bags, and so on. In the small batch production within 1000m, the production cost of the digital printing machine is lower than that of the traditional printing machine. Therefore, the digital printing machine has unique advantages over the traditional printing machine in the market of multi-variety and small-batch production. In the traditional rotary screen printing production, the most troublesome thing is the preservation of files, which not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also takes up time and space. The process plan and required data involved in the printing process of the digital printing machine can all be stored in the computer, which can achieve the reproducibility of the printing. The digital printing machine does not require water or slurry during the printing process. It is an on-demand inkjet technology that saves energy, environmental protection, and cost. However, traditional printing machines have a great demand for water, and the waste water, waste slurry, and waste liquid produced are extremely polluting the environment. The digital printing machine meets the international standards in terms of fastness index, and the active, acidic, and dispersed printing can also meet the export standards, which can meet the needs of customers in foreign trade transactions to a greater extent. The best part of the digital printing machine is that there is no need to talk to the customer face to face, and the Internet can be used to take orders. The entire process is controlled by a computer. It has the advantage of highly restored originals. The process can realize automation and intelligent production.
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