Konica Article Analysis of Cotton Printing Machine Nozzle

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
UV printer manufacturers prefer this kind of nozzles, which are used in roll-and-flat all-in-one machines. Newer UV printer manufacturers still choose Ricoh series. Such nozzles are also relatively rare in cotton printing machines. The all-steel-structured Konica nozzle is for UV ink. Its corrosion resistance characteristics. If water-based ink is used as the nozzle of a pure cotton printing machine, it is a little overkill. Compared with other nozzles, its service life is really outstanding. The taste, the service life is more than 3 years, this kind of nozzle color uses a double-row staggered nozzle arrangement structure, which is a fully-encapsulated nozzle, divided into 256, 512, and 1024 models, and the nozzle diameter is between 14 and 42PL. Only smaller than Seiko, the overall performance of speed and accuracy is relatively balanced. One machine can install more than 20 print heads at most. The cost is also a spike in the price of a group of colleagues. The price of a UV printer with 16 Konica print heads is at Between 500,000 and 1 million. In recent years, Konica nozzles have deliberately targeted the field of pure cotton printing machines, but the pattern of digital printing machine nozzles of Epson and Starlight Duopoly is still difficult to shake for a while. For more information, please get Jia Yanyan's WeChat account. Welcome everyone to come to discuss and exchange.
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