Large-scale digital printing machine for industrial cotton brings huge business opportunities

by:angelacrox     2021-09-11
The breakthrough of the digital printing machine has led to the innovation and progress of the printing process. In recent years, like a spring breeze, many high-speed industrial-grade digital printing machines have appeared in the market 'seemingly all of a sudden'. In fact, there have been many years of precipitation behind them. For nearly a hundred years, a large number of commercial textiles have been printed on the production line with screen and rotary screen printing machines. Although these two printing processes require a lot of preparation time and manual input, they have developed into very mature production processes, especially for the production of large quantities of textiles. Fast fashion, zero inventory However, the demands of end consumers in the market are also changing, they demand more and more choices and more and more timely services. The industry chain terminal puts forward the concept of 'fast•time•shangTherefore, the industrial-grade large-scale digital cotton printing machine has become the first choice. On the one hand, the cotton digital printing machine, as a variable data printing, directly deletes the most difficult and time-consuming screen making, color matching, and debugging processes in all the original printing processes, and can seamlessly switch between different colors. In the fashion industry and personalized design and other small and medium batch printing, the advantages are fully demonstrated. At the same time, for any feedback from the market, the designer can immediately mass produce after modification, truly fast fashion. On the other hand, compared to the original micro-inkjet low-speed digital printing, the high-speed industrialized digital cotton printing machine can meet the high-speed requirements of medium and large batches. Take Epson 5113 print head as an example, its single-pass printing speed is 25 square meters/hour. Compared with traditional large-volume screen printing, its speed can compete with it. If you count the preparation time, the advantage is more obvious. Repair defects, look for the blue ocean Although industrial screen printing has many advantages over the earliest manual printing operations, this dull batch copy method still has many defects. Due to the limitations of plate making, traditional printing is difficult to achieve some special effects: such as smooth gradation of colors; when there are more than 6 colors, the difficulty of plate making and registration increases geometrically; and personalized patterns and small batches of short boards Printing demand is difficult to meet. These bottlenecks are advantages for large-scale industrial cotton digital printing machines. Some industrial printheads support variable ink droplets (such as Epson ink droplet controllable micro-piezo technology), using eight rows of printheads, the color and ink sequence can be adjusted at will, which can solve the wastage of the printheads if the printheads are stringed ink, and solve the problem of high-speed printing. , The wave printing software can adjust the nozzle voltage, can read the internal temperature of the nozzle, and cut off the ink out of the high and low temperature of the nozzle. For these reasons, the printing and dyeing industry quickly realized the benefits of using non-contact variable data printing technology, especially industrial-grade large-scale digital cotton printing machines, which will bring new blue oceans and huge business opportunities to this industry.
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