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by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
The purchasing knowledge of digital printing machine is actually quite deep, which can be compared from the following aspects: 1. Printing method, such as direct injection or transfer? 2. The printed fabric, 3. What kind of cotton printing machine ink should be used? 4. Comparison of nozzles, 5. Is it better for imported brands or domestic brands? Let's listen to Yanyan's editor slowly speaking: 1. Still direct thermal transfer printing? The choice of printing process directly determines the choice of the type of cotton digital printing machine. Regarding clothing fabric printing, the choice of transfer process or direct injection process is the same, and the choice of cotton printing machine has a non-directional decision. The transfer process investment is small, and the printing accuracy is high, but the practical fabrics are limited, mainly for chemical fiber fabrics. The direct injection process generally requires fabrics such as sizing, steaming, and washing. The investment is relatively large. However, the fabrics have a wide range of applications, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, linen, silk, wool, and modal fabric types. 2. The printing accuracy depends on the fabric digital printing processing factory can choose the cotton digital printing machine that can satisfy the customer's printing accuracy according to the differences of the fabric and the customer's needs. Generally speaking, fabrics with fine and smooth fibers have higher precision requirements, such as silk, chiffon, etc.; fabrics with coarse fibers have lower requirements for accuracy, such as canvas and sweaters. When choosing printing accuracy, pay attention, not that the higher the accuracy, the better, because accuracy and effectiveness are two elements of the same, if the higher the accuracy request, the lower the effectiveness. 3. There are three common choices for multi-printing inks. The first is the choice of printing ink colors for cotton digital printing machines. According to the needs of customers and the type of fabric, you can choose four-color ink, six-color ink, eight-color ink, etc. The more common ink colors, the better the color saturation and color consequences of printing, which also directly determines the color type of the cotton printing machine. The second point is the choice of the type of printing ink. Printing inks generally include reactive inks, acid inks, evacuation inks, paint inks, etc. Generally, the type of ink should be selected according to the material of the fabric, and choose the ink with good coloring for the fabric and good color expression. The third point is the choice of ink brand and model. Generally speaking, the ink is developed for the brand and model of the print head. When choosing the ink, pay attention to whether it can be applied to the print head model of the cotton digital printing machine. In addition, ink fluency, gorgeous level, color fixation level, environmental protection level, etc., are mostly considerations for ink selection. 4. The sprinkler is the central element. The sprinkler, as the most important part and secondary consumable of the cotton printing machine, plays a decisive role in the choice of the cotton digital printing machine. The type of nozzle determines the accuracy of printing, the size of inkjet volume, the speed of printing, and the cost of consumption. The selection summary of the print head comprehensively considers the types of printing fabrics, cost estimates, consumption efficiency requirements and other factors. As a secondary consumable, print heads should also consider the cost and durability of the replacement one-sidedly. 5. Domestic and export needs to be compared. Because of the improvement of my country's technology and the maturity of manufacturing technology, the gap between domestic cotton digital printing machines and export cotton printing machines has been getting smaller and smaller. When enterprises choose domestic cotton printing machines to export cotton digital printing machines, the secondary needs consider the following factors. First, the cost factor. Because the export equipment has the elements of tariff and freight, the price of the export cotton printing machine is higher than the price of the similar domestic cotton digital printing machine. Second, the crux of the problem. Because the crux of the cotton printing machine-nozzles, most of them are exported, mainly the nozzles consumed in Japan. Therefore, whether it is a domestic cotton digital printing machine or an export garment printing machine, the crux of the equipment used is fundamentally the opposite. Third, after-sale service. Whether it is domestically produced equipment or exported equipment, superior after-sales service is often one of the main elements to consider when choosing a cotton digital printing machine. The timeliness and inefficiency of processing performance and eliminating faults directly determines the effectiveness and cost of corporate consumption.
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