Learn the following points to not be pitted when buying a T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-13
What factors need to be considered when T-shirt printing machine? Yanyan’s editor will give you a detailed introduction today: 1. The strength of T-shirt printing machine manufacturers There are also many T-shirt printing machine brands on the market, and their manufacturers are not the same in strength. Therefore, when the T-shirt printing machine is , There can be many, from the manufacturer's qualifications (establishment time, technical team), machine model number, word of mouth and other aspects to compare, choose the T-shirt printing machine manufacturer that meets your needs and has the strength at the same time. 2. After-sales T-shirt printing by T-shirt printing machine manufacturers is more than hundreds of thousands of mobile phones. Once purchased, it needs to be used for many years. Therefore, the after-sales problem cannot be ignored. The editor suggests that you can choose a brand that can provide perfect after-sales service, and at the same time, the maintenance technology needs to be advanced, so as to ensure the long-term smooth use of the machine. Yanyan has gathered many experienced high-end technical talents, mastered the technology of nozzle repair, and reduced machine maintenance costs. At the same time, the manufacturer has also established a complete after-sales service process to provide customers with more practical protection! 3. The speed of the T-shirt printing machine for production, the increase in speed, and the corresponding reduction in the labor cost of the manufacturer. Take Yanyan's T-shirt printing machine as an example. It can print up to 280 pieces of clothes per hour, with stable performance and high yield, which effectively reduces the cost of manufacturers. It is your wise choice for printing customization.
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