Leather digital printing machine accelerates the demise of traditional hand-made leather printing

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
The leather printing machine does not produce any pollution during the printing process. At present, the leather printing industry is basically the world of leather printing machines. The following editor of Yanyan will introduce the advantages of leather printers in detail: 1. Fast response speed and shortened Work cycle; products from design proofing to delivery, days or even days, but the application of leather digital printing machine technology, the finished product can be produced in 2 hours, and mass production is not limited. The leather printing machine really realizes small batches. The variety of production process, quick response. The process flow is short, it is completed immediately, no steaming, post-treatment process washing; flexibility, customer choice can be printed out with a leather printer in a short time. 2. Satisfy individual needs; the emergence of leather digital printing machines will meet people's individual needs to the greatest extent. Most leather designers can give full play to their creativity. The design samples can be modified on the computer. The effect of the computer is completed. Later, customer satisfaction can be straightforward. In this sense, leather printer technology will lead to a new market and stimulate a new round of consumer demand. 3. Rich colors, clear and lifelike images; traditional printing with more than 10 colors is very difficult. The leather printing machine has rich colors, four-color dots, and can print 16,700,000 colors. Greatly expand the design space of leather accessories and improve product quality. Exquisite patterns, rich and clear, high level of artistry, strong three-dimensionality, general methods of printing and printing, photography and painting style patterns; printing colors, in the leather printing machine printing process, the ink is directly sprayed on the leather surface , Penetrates into the leather, does not sublimate, volatile, and does not pollute the leather. 4. Unlimited number of color reproduction length is not limited; leather digital printing machine does not need to screen, save a lot of time; pattern design changes can be carried out on the computer screen, color matching can use the mouse screen; no production cost; reduce time and Save printing materials and reduce labor costs. 5. Green and environmental protection, reduce pollution; the leather printing machine production process is no water, no sewage, the leather printer is controlled by a computer, inkjet on demand, no waste, no pollution, no noise during the printing process of the leather printing machine. There is no pollution in the green production process.
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