Leather digital printing machine printing cost

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
The printing cost of the digital printing machine is mainly concentrated in the following aspects: consumables, nozzle loss, labor, and electricity. The most important consumption is still from the consumables, nozzles, and labor. The specific cost is given by Yanyan’s editor. Tell me, how much is the printing cost of the digital leather printing machine? 1. Ink cost: The ink loss per square meter is 15 milliliters of full-format printing, and the price of one milliliter of ink is 0.2 yuan, which means that the ink cost per square meter is 3 yuan. Coating: It must be coated before printing. The cost of printing a square of coating is 3 yuan. Varnish: After printing, if you want to varnish, the cost of printing a square is 5 yuan (optional) 2. Leather digital printing machine Sprinkler head loss (general sprinkler heads are not problematic within 3 years, and the average loss per square meter is 1-2 yuan per square meter) 3. Labor: The wage level is different in each place, and the lowest in Guangdong Calculated by the level, 2030 yuan/month, 11.5 yuan/hour, and the machine speed is 20 square meters/hour, and the labor cost per square meter is 0.6 yuan. 4. Electricity fee: the same charging standards are different for each place. It is calculated at 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour. The speed of the digital leather printing machine is also calculated at 20 square meters/hour. The power of the machine is 3kw, 1KW/h*3kwu003d3kw/ h, that is, 3 kilowatt-hours of electricity per hour, cost 3 yuan per hour, 20 square meters of production, then a square meter is 3/20 u003d 0.15 yuan Total: ink cost + machine nozzle loss + labor + electricity u003d 11 + 1 + 0.6 + 0.15 u003d 12.75 Yuan Remarks: This price is only used as a reference, and the printing cost varies according to different regions, different models, and different processes!
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