Leather digital printing machine vs traditional leather printing

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
The leather printing machine has several difficult problems: ①The color deviation and positioning deviation of this leather digital printing machine, ②The picture of the finished product is also easier to scrape, and the firmness is poor. Generally, it is necessary to spray a layer of protective film, ③ There are few media suitable for transfer, and some media cannot be printed by transfer printing. 7. Traditional sign making generally adopts the method of engraving + corrosion + paint filling, or laser engraving, which can only make monochromatic signs, but can't do anything with colorful patterns. 8. The thickness of the artificial coating is uneven and cannot be made into a high-quality light box. 9. Manual plate making. 10. It is easy to fade (starting from 3 to 5 months), and the firmness is not good. 11. The traditional leather printing machine has a high production ratio, which requires skilled workers with many years of rich experience and a large number of personnel. 12. Printing ink has a great irritating smell, which is extremely harmful to the human respiratory system (nasal cavity, trachea and bronchial mucosa, lung), eye glands, etc. 13. Weak water resistance, not resistant to solvent scrubbing, and not resistant to acid and alkali. 14. Need to use solvent to dilute. Leather digital printing machine: 1. The leather digital printing machine does not require plate making, printing is fast and low in cost. 2. Computer control, digital output, and the digital leather printer is equipped with professional color management software, which can be revised anytime and anywhere. 3. Finished in one step, print and take, the current leather digital printing machine meets the needs of quick sample production. 4. Single-piece printing, digital leather printers can print in large quantities 24 hours a day. 5. The full-color image can be completed at one time with a leather digital printing machine, the gradient color is also fully displayed, the positioning is accurate, and the scrap rate can be controlled to zero. 6. It is suitable for any soft and hard materials, and the digital leather printer has a wide range of applications. ①You can type on what you want, or what you want. ②The computer automatically sets the picture, adjusts the color personality, and makes the picture personality. ③The printing speed of leather digital printing machine can be adjusted manually, fast and fast, slow and slow. ④Printing and coating are done in one step, no need to recolor. 7. The color scheme can be adjusted according to individuality, and the color is optional, and the digital leather printer can meet the personalized printing. 8. Japanese high-precision KM-512 print head, 1440DPI, high-quality uniform printing. 9. One leather digital printing machine can be used on top of two, which can print soft and hard materials. 10. Digital leather printer ink has the strongest anti-fading ability in the printing industry so far (3-5 years outdoors, more than 10 years indoors), and the ink with the best firmness. 11. Computer control, no personnel dependence, no professional knowledge for operators, easy to learn and understand, and one person can operate. The leather digital printing machine greatly saves labor time and labor, and achieves time-saving, labor-saving and relaxing effects. 12. Special environmentally friendly ink for leather, free of volatile solvents, odorless, and non-irritating. 13. Strong water resistance, solvent scrubbing resistance, acid resistance and alkaline etching solution with pH≤10. 14. The ink takes a long time to dry and solidify, which is a waste of labor time. 14. Print and dry, light-curing within 1 second, ready to wait, the leather digital printing machine saves double the labor time. 15. UV ink does not need to be diluted with solvent. As a result, it can be easily seen that the leather digital printing machine has simpler operation, higher printing accuracy, lower cost, and more obvious advantages. This is why the digital leather printer can replace the traditional printer market position.
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