Leather printer manufacturers

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
The leather printing machine can be produced, and it can also be used for leather and leather digital printing processing. 1. Flat leather printer Yanyan's flat leather printer mainly has 3 models, namely 6015 (format: 0.6*1.5 meters), 1225 (format: 1.2*2.5 meters), 2513 (format: 2.5*1.3 meters), It is suitable for digital printing on leather pieces, such as shoe materials, handbags, footballs, etc. The football leather printer manufacturer designated by Adidas. 2. The width of the coiled leather printer is 1.8 meters. Other widths can also be customized. It is mainly used for digital direct-injection printing of soft materials such as leather, leather and PET film. It can be produced by mesh belt machines and conductive belt machines. Solvent ink , Leather special UV soft ink can be used, is one of the few manufacturers of a full range of leather printers. 3. Leather digital printing processing In order to better test leather printers and develop a more mature leather digital printing process, Yanyan established a leather printing processing department to provide customers with leather printing processing services. There are currently 10 mesh belt machines and 6 Flat leather printer, 2 sets of guide belt machines, dedicated to leather printing processing, with a daily production capacity of over 2000 yards, and as a leather printer manufacturer, its production capacity is very flexible.
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