Low-cost solution for oblique spraying of leather digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
There is no problem with the digital printing machine to print large wedding photography, but this is the best printing effect. As time goes by, customers will gradually feel how the printing effect of the leather printing machine is not as good as before. Photo-level effects, the printed things are very ugly now, and there will even be traces. Professionally speaking, it is brushed. Why does this happen. Basically, the performance of the nozzle of the leather digital printing machine is not good. The nozzle has oblique spray or broken needles. You all know that nowadays a nozzle is not cheap. The heads used in industrial leather printing machines are generally more than 10,000 yuan, like the current Ricoh. The price of G5 nozzle is 20,000 yuan per head. If it is broken, it is quite distressing. Although it is unwilling to happen, once it occurs, it is sloppy and must be dealt with in time, because this situation is usually leather The nozzle of the digital printing machine is slightly clogged. If it is not processed for a long time, it may become really clogged, and it will be too late to deal with it. The following editor of Yanyan will tell you a way that saves money and is convenient: you must deal with this problem in time. First of all, you must not insist on continuing to use it, and you must be bold, not because of yourself. I don’t know how to be unprofessional or I’m afraid I won’t deal with it. The method is very simple. The method used now is basically the same. It is more expensive and wasteful to use a medical syringe with a cleaning solution. It is only necessary to drink pure water from a general drinking fountain at home. Yes, the temperature is about 40-50 degrees, which is the temperature of warm water we usually feel. Don’t burn the nozzle of the leather printing machine if the temperature is too high. One thing to pay attention to is that when you advance, it is like a doctor’s injection, slowly When you advance, it shows the shape of a water column. Be sure not to damage the nozzle of the leather digital printing machine with too much force. This action is repeated several times. Basically, when you use it again, the state of the leather digital printing machine nozzle is the same as the new one. The photo-level effect can be printed out perfectly. It should be noted that you must deal with it as soon as you find it. It will be troublesome to deal with it after more than 15 days. Just like this, it is repeated, as long as it appears, it will be dealt with immediately. Not only leather digital printing machines with Ricoh nozzles, but also leather printing machines with various nozzles can be processed in this way.
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