Maintenance and cleaning method of leather digital printer nozzle

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
Circuits and boards for leather printers. 4. Eliminate static electricity. Static electricity will cause flying ink when printing on leather digital printers, and will also have some negative effects on the machine. How to clean the nozzle of the digital leather printer: 1. In the printing process, the machine frequently fills ink or cleans the nozzle hole, but the printing effect is still poor or the print head nozzle is severely blocked, and the leather digital printer cannot be filled with ink. This situation can only be cleaned NS. Although the nozzle cleaning method is not complicated, because of the need to disassemble the nozzle, the number of cleanings should not be too many or too complicated. 2. The tip of nozzle cleaning is to use a syringe and a piece of rubber tube that can be placed on the needle, cleaning fluid (such as bottled pure water), a magnifying glass at the order of ten times, a hard plastic knife and other tools. After removing the print cart and carefully finding the blocked nozzle with a magnifying glass, cover the nozzle of the blocked nozzle with a rubber tube, and then use a syringe to inject the cleaning fluid into the nozzle of the digital leather printer. If necessary, use a hard plastic knife to scrape it off. Residues on the edge of the spray hole. Be careful not to contaminate the electrode when using it. 3. If cleaning and adjustment cannot solve the problem, you can contact the digital leather printer manufacturer in time. Professional leather printer manufacturers can identify faults in the first place.
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