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What is the dream.
Pictures provided by Emma Blomfield.
Source: our bedrooms should be calm breathing from the world, but they tend to be flat --
And, more importantly, be the warehouse of all the books, clothes and clothes that we are too tired to collect.
Interior designer Emma Bloomfield says there is a reason why bedrooms are often placed at the bottom of the decoration list.
\"I think the bedroom is easily forgotten because everyone is focused on the living and dining areas, and this is the space guests see when they come over,\" said the author of the housekeeper :\": create space for sanctuaries and celebrations (
Hardy Grant\'s books are $29. 99).
But there\'s a way to build a mess.
Stylish bedroom for free.
Below, the Bloomfield MS explains how.
Emma Bloomfield understands why the bedroom is overlooked.
Source: The Book of Blomfield, an illustrated guide on all family things.
Source: starting with the bedIf where you design your bedroom from scratch, the Bloomfield MS recommends you buy the bed first.
\"I always say that for any room in the house, it always starts with the largest room.
A cushion bed is a popular choice, she said.
\"You can make velvet, mosaics, patterns or fabrics.
There are thousands of options, but just make sure it works with your linen.
Then gradually add the necessary parts: side tables, lights, sheets and artwork.
If you add an Ottoman to the end of the bed, or an armchair to the corner, make sure they don\'t squeeze in the space.
Blomfield said: \"Measure your room before you buy something. if you can, mark the places where different furniture may go on the floor with newspapers . \" MS.
\"Then you can see if you have enough space to accommodate all of this.
\"Make sure your bed is working with your linen.
Source: supply buy good-
When it comes to bedding, it\'s worth getting the best things you can afford.
\"You lied all night, so it\'s worth investing in good --
\"Quality linen,\" MS Bloomfield noted.
But don\'t pay too much attention to the number of threads.
\"People think 1000thread-
\"The counting table is amazing, but it\'s actually a rather heavy material,\" MS Blomfield said . \".
\"There is also no industry standard for creating 1000 threads, so they don\'t always end up with the same quality.
Ms. Blomfield\'s goal is to have 300 to 400 threads.
\"I also made sure it was 100 cotton, 100 linen or cotton/bamboo mixture.
\"She suggests staying away from polyester because they will make you sweat. Opt for good-
Quality, natureFiber sheets.
Source: The lighting of the bedroom makes the supplier Moody. “It’s not (usually)
\"This is an area where you need to complete specific tasks, such as learning or writing, so it means you can enjoy more comfortable lighting in your bedroom,\" MS Blomfield said . \".
For those who like to read in bed at night, a stable light (
ARM or angle)
Since you can focus the light on your book, this is ideal.
For overhead lighting, the Bloomfield MS recommends installing something dimmable that you can adjust according to the time of day.
\"Then you can add lights and candles to create the atmosphere.
\"Also treat your window with a little love, based on whether you like the full darkness of the night or wake up in the sun.
\"You may want transparent curtains that are drawn during the day for privacy, and then block the curtains at the top at night, with a complete power outage,\" MS Blomfield said . \".
\"Or you can go to the blinds or plantation blinds.
The light will increase the atmosphere.
Source: If you have a smaller bedroom, buy a bed with drawers, buy a bedside table with drawers and cabinets, make the most of the small space you have, the supplier will invest in
Blomfield suggested: \"You can use the hanger hanging behind the door as an extra hook for the clothes you often wear . \" MS. “Some floor-
The standing mirror also has hooks.
\"Drawers are an obvious option for laundry storage, but you can also use your bedside --
Drawer of clothes you often wear.
While Blomfield MS doesn\'t like the giant TV in the boudoir, she suggests trying to blur it if you have to have one.
\"If you have a nice closet (Gorgeous cabinets)
You can put it inside and turn it off during the day. \"She said.
\"Or you can install the TV on the wall opposite the bed so it doesn\'t affect your decor.
The bedside table can store clothes easily.
Source: what needs to be avoided here is some common bedrooms
According to the Bloomfield MS, the styling is wrong: spend all the money on the mat and throw it on something more important, such as a quality mattress.
Choose brand bedding instead of quality and personal preference.
Put some old plug-ins on the pillowcase and cushion cover to make the cushion and pillow look as flat as a pancake.
Buy a bed too big for the bedroom with no room for the bedside table.
There is a messy bedside table.
Surround some smaller objects with pallets.
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