Nine culprits for the clogging of the piezoelectric ink head of the leather digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
The ink head of the leather printing machine does not emit ink, resulting in the lack of color in the image content, which is usually called 'ink head cloggingOf course, the reasons for 'clogging' are also various. There are roughly the following situations: 1. After the ink accumulates in the ink head of the leather digital printing machine to a certain extent, the nozzle will be blocked on the outside: it is the most common way of clogging, because the ink The medium solvent must be volatilized into the air to make the picture dry. Therefore, the ink is a volatile liquid, which is easy to volatilize in the air and clear out solids. When the nozzle is spraying on the cloth, there will always be a part of ink left around. This part of the ink will gradually become smaller and even block the nozzle after drying in the air, but because it is on the outside of the nozzle, it is easy Clean up, this is why we often clean the ink head. 2. Piezoelectric crystal damage: It is certain that the ink head cannot eject ink. The piezoelectric ink head of the general leather printing machine can be used for about a year. It is normal that it may be used for less than a year in a factory with a lot of inkjet work. 3. Piezoelectric crystal fatigue damage: The phenomenon is that the ink head sometimes ejects ink, sometimes it cannot eject ink, especially when the inkjet volume is large (that is, when the dark screen is sprayed), the phenomenon of 'clogging' is obvious. At this time, the best method is Replace the ink head of a new leather digital printing machine. 4. The filter inside the ink head is blocked and the ink head does not emit ink: the ink head is used for a long time, especially in the digital printing processing factory where the printing task is not full and often shut down at night, the ink does not flow in the ink head for a long time , It is easy to be adsorbed on the inner filter screen or the wall of the ink channel, so that the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe ink flow is reduced, which will also cause the phenomenon of no ink in the ink head. Now the special leather digital printing machine can help you solve this problem of the ink head. problem. 5. The viscosity of the ink is too high or too low: the viscosity of the ink is too high to make the ink fluidity poor, and the amount of ink ejected by the ink head of the leather printing machine per unit time is not enough; the viscosity of the ink is too low, that is, too thin, easy to When the piezoelectric crystal in the nozzle is drawn back, air is sucked in, and ink cannot be sucked, so air is ejected; both of them will cause the ink head to not emit ink. In this regard, customers are often required to store the ink environment is very important. The ink should be placed in the environment where the ink is used for more than 24 hours before use, because the viscosity of the ink will be very high at low temperature, and the viscosity will be at high temperature. Becomes very low, this kind of viscosity difference is very big, once the ink with big viscosity difference is mixed together, it will cause the phenomenon that the ink can not be ejected. 6. Failure of the driving circuit: The aging of the electronic components of the driving circuit and the accumulation of too much dry ink dirt may affect the voltage of the driving ink head, causing the ink head of the leather digital printing machine to not produce ink or the amount of ink output is unstable. 7. Type of ink: Due to improper control of the amount of desiccant, the ink of some manufacturers dries too quickly, which may cause the ink to be clogged on the outside. Although it can be cleaned, the cleaning interval is relatively frequent. Once the leather printing machine ink is not used for a long time If the ink head is not protected in time, it may cause permanent damage to the ink head the next time you paint. 8. Frequent ink replacement: In many cases, the ink head may not be well protected when replacing the ink, which will also affect the inkjet status of the ink head of the leather digital printing machine. 9. The temperature and humidity of the environment where the leather printing machine is used: Generally, it is recommended that the temperature is 22-25 degrees, and the humidity is 40-70%. High and low temperatures affect the viscosity of the ink, which will cause the ink head to be short of ink or sticky. It is often mistaken for 'ink head clogged'.
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