Non-woven fabric digital printing machine, non-woven fabric printing machine and equipment

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
The digital printing machine adopts digital inkjet printing technology, what you see is what you get, you can use the computer to control the non-woven printing machine to directly print the pattern on the fabric when there is a picture. It uses CMYK four-color ink and automatically matches the color through the computer. You can print out all colors, gradient colors, etc. are completely possible. 2. The printing speed of the non-woven digital printing machine is above 12 square meters/hour, and its speed is proportional to the configuration. The printing speed of the non-woven printing machine with higher configuration can exceed 100 square meters/hour, and the printing speed is standard. The size is 1.8 meters, other sizes can be customized, if the printer cuts or the non-woven fabric is finished, you can use a non-woven digital printing machine, the width of the table is more common is 1.2 meters or 1.6 meters, the length is 3 meters or 6 meters, other sizes Can be customized 3. Ink non-woven digital printing machine has two kinds of inks available, solvent-based ink and UV ink, solvent-based ink can only print light-colored fabrics, not white ink, but the printing cost is very low, one square meter full printing The cost of UV ink printing is not more than 2 yuan, and the cost of UV ink printing is more expensive, and the cost of a full print of one square meter is about 5 yuan, but it can be white ink, so this non-woven printing machine can print dark and non-woven fabrics.
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