Note for digital printing machine woven fabric printing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
Digital printing machine printing woven fabrics is a bit simpler than knitted fabrics, because woven fabrics are flatter and denser. Compared with knitted fabrics, woven fabrics have less elasticity. Even so, there are still many aspects that need to be done. Attention, the editor of Yanyan Yan will explain to everyone the precautions for printing woven fabrics on the digital printing machine. 1. It is necessary to ensure that the digital printing machine has a stable working platform and do not place any objects on the top of the digital printing machine. 2. The front cover of the digital printing machine must be closed when printing to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects obstructing the movement of the printer carriage. 3. It is forbidden to plug or unplug the printer cable with power on, as this will damage the printer's print port and the PC's parallel port, or even damage the PC's main board. 4. If the print output is not clear, use the automatic cleaning function of the printer to clean the nozzle. 5. When the print head is restarted without returning to the initial position, the printer will first return the print head to the initial position, and then will clean the print head, which will cause unnecessary waste of ink. The solution to this problem is often Wipe off the dust on the guide shaft, and lubricate and clean the guide shaft. 6. The digital printing machine generally has a guide belt correction system, but it is not. You need to pay attention to the deviation of the woven fabric when printing. 7. Pay attention to the cleaning of the guide belt, so that the clean guide belt will not stain the woven fabric. 8. If it is to save process, it is recommended to choose paint ink instead of water-based, steaming and other steps. 9. If you want to produce bright garment printing, it is recommended to choose reactive ink, but the production process is complicated.
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