oh, baby! : though they could pay more, parents are shopping sales, catalogues and discount stores for kids\' clothes.

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There are parents who spend more than a monthly mortgage on pre-school education.
Age of Children
Provide care centers, entertainment groups and a stable round of birthday parties for their peers.
But let them name their favorite children\'s wear store and they inevitably mention the catalog house after Target, K mart and Stork and Brights Creek. Even super-
Mother Mia row purchased a children\'s catalogue for her nine children.
These parents are not stingy,
They just have no magic.
They bought the first baby cute little jumpsuit and skirt for $45 to $60 and then watched six sizes of baby shots in the first year.
Once they realize that the life expectancy of baby clothing can be measured in a few weeks, even some of the richest parents say that their spending habits have changed dramatically.
When Sue woodyad of North Hollywood prepares a nursery for her first child, she thinks it doesn\'t make much sense to pay $500 for bedding and $100 for a decorative plush kangaroo
The first dress she bought for her new daughter could cost more than $50.
\"It didn\'t take long for me to start getting sick of all the beautiful clothes I used to wear and then being given away,\" she said . \".
After four and a half years, her price cap is $20.
Before Elizabeth Wheeler\'s first child was born, she found herself paying $23 for guessing baby T-
Shirt for little Reebok tennis shoes and $28 for nonBaby walking
That was two years ago.
Her next child will be born this week and she will be sent to a different wardrobe.
Now K mart and Pic \'n\'s Burbank playwrights store save up for the clothes of her children.
Shopping at discount stores has some shame.
You can even start at home.
Wheeler says her husband, David, is in charge of the purchasing planner (
Office System Engineer)
He was scared when he heard her tell people she bought his son Jack\'s clothes at Pic \'n Save.
\"He didn\'t like the fact that I mentioned it because we could shop in expensive stores. But why bother? \" she asks.
\"This is my question of principle.
I am proud of my discovery.
\"She firmly defended her favorite places and their costumes, which sometimes cost less than $6. Health-
Tex, known for its solid infrastructure, is one of her favorite labels$6-on-sale range.
Like other deep-rooted sales shoppers, Wheeler is more than happy to brag about her great shopping.
She wore a quilting jersey with bold geometric patterns that matched her in Pic \'N. save found blue light velvet pants for $6, and the black baby Beatles boots she found at K mart cost less than $5.
\"I usually buy his shoes at Stride Rite, but these little boots are so interesting,\" Wheeler said . \".
\"Also, when they were two years old, they didn\'t know they had fashion risks.
Hancock Park songwriter Shirley Hanna
King believes that children\'s clothing is very stylish.
She will spend the highest amount of money on gorgeous suspenders and hats, not on clothes with designer labels.
She said that she got a good mileage from accessories, even if they came from the most expensive stores, still less than $20, any of her four children can wear their standard cheap jeans and T-shirtsshirts.
Her youngest is five years old, but Hannah
Kim recalls that when she and her husband, William King of the rhythm and blues band, will receive a baby shower gift from Fred Siegel, she always changes them to more practical clothes and whimsical accessories.
\"I don\'t spend much money,\" she said . \"
\"I used a lot of imagination.
\"Some mothers can\'t take themselves to a pharmacy or cheap basement for shopping because they can\'t give up the status of designer labels, so they just adjust the same technology they use themselves ---
They buy and sell goods.
Brentwood\'s mother, Mary Beth broussade, is waiting for her two visits to Marina, her favorite Santa Monica store --a-
She has been selling her daughter Lily\'s clothes for a year before she spends any money. Her red-
January and June are the peak sales season.
Broussard was there when Malina reduced its jumpsuit to $ 50%. \"They\'re down-
Die Wonderful Clothes in the shape of a baby made of adult fabric.
\"They are too expensive, so I always wait for the sale,\" she said . \"
Malina\'s bold print and sophisticated color combinations for Children appeal to Broussard.
\"They are the clothes I want to wear, but they are miniature,\" she said she bought a Brown bloomer jumpsuit for an 11-year-old with beige dots on it, black and white plaid shirt and black jeansmonth-old daughter.
Malina Gerber designed the Malina collection and sold it through her two Santa Monica stores in New York and Henry Bendels and Saks Fifth Avenue in block, she said, about 300 mothers like brosard are waiting for her half-year sale.
There is no formal study yet to show how low high rollers can become in order to find cheap baby clothes, but there are signs that their team is growing every year.
Stephen Enroth is the general manager of Brights Creek, a children\'s directory company located in Hampton, Va.
Citing 4 million babies born in 1989.
This figure has not been reached since the baby boom of 1950)
His mailing list has 1 million customers, many of whom, as voluntary participants of their children, rank among the top 10% to 15% of the country\'s average incomecheap-chic trend.
Brights Creek has some of the cheapest children\'s clothing in the mail order catalogue.
It doesn\'t emphasize natural fibers as much as many other children\'s clothing catalogues, so the price is often lower.
Shorts in the Brights Creek spring catalog are priced between $5 and $16, and the company is running a seasonal specials for canvas sneakers-
Buy two pairs for $1349.
Directory business is one of the fastest growing markets for children\'s wear.
It attracts working parents who have little time to shop, and more willing to take a group of chimpanzees to shop than to face a 2-year-old.
After the actress Deborah Schiller, who lives in Sherman Oaks, purchased the Stork catalog for her children, 2-year-old Andy and 2-week-old Madalyn.
Deborah\'s husband Robert directed the TV soap opera Santa Barbara.
She did not want to mention his profession.
\"When people read this, they think we can shop anywhere.
But if you buy $12, you can do more for your child.
95 pieces of clothing, not $125.
\"Alan Sester, founder after Stoke, Albuquerque. M. -
The company, which is based in the directory company, said the company\'s mailing list includes many high
Customer information.
\"Tatum O\'Neill and Mia row are customers and obviously they can afford clothes anywhere,\" he said . \".
But they bought it from Stopper\'s mail order catalog
Fiber children\'s wear.
After Stork sends more than 9 million catalogues to more and more viewers every year.
Cotton knit leggings $6, elastic-
Waist cotton fleece pants $7.
Blue jeans for $50 and jeans for $6. 25.
\"We try to keep them going, but we don\'t expect them to last for generations,\" Stopper said . \".
The window of opportunity to buy children\'s clothing at the lowest price is small.
It begins at birth and extends all the way to the child becoming a victim of label awareness, which can occur as early as 3 years old.
When most girls are at 4-to-
Within 7 size ranges, they are actively involved in purchasing decisions.
It may take longer for boys, says nrose.
In just a few short years, kids will wear whatever you put them in, regardless of the price.
They will then insist on wearing only the \"twisted\" dress and the red patent party shoes or the Reebok tennis shoes and the Batman T-
Blue jeans shirt.
Unfortunately, the era of fashion innocence is short-lived.
But it doesn\'t know the price tag when it lasts.
Budget purchase mom recommended catalogue: * after Stork bird.
Cheap natural
Fiber infant clothing. 1501 12th St.
Northwest of Albuquerque. M. 87104. (505)243-9100. * Brighton Creek.
Very cheap baby clothes and children\'s clothing.
Bay Point Plaza, Hampton, Va. 23653. (800)622-9202.
Hannah Anderson.
The price of 100% cotton infant clothing is moderate.
1010 North West Flanders StreetPortland, Oregon. 97209. (800)222-0544. * Mothercare.
European baby and children\'s clothing, furniture and equipment at affordable prices.
Mother Care UK Limited, P. O.
Box 138, nn31wb, Hampton North, England. 011-44-923-33577.
Discount for department stores: * K mart, Mervyns, Target, May Co.
Sales shelves for Robinson and Nordstrom.
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